China Accusation

China Tries to Start an Anti-Cop Race War in America With Ludicrous Accusation

Generally speaking, I don’t like sharing propaganda, especially from another country. But China just accused the United States of human rights violations, specifically pointing to our law enforcement as killing thousands. They also noted that the majority of people killed by police are Black.

With Joe Biden declaring that he will “fund the police” and pushback against Critical Race Theory finally rising in America, China hopes to reignite the turmoil that engulfed much of the country in the summer of 2020. But their claims are absolutely ludicrous. Watch:

Lest we forget, law enforcement in China is absolute. There are no statistics about how many Uyghurs and other Chinese citizens have been killed by the Chinese Communist Party because such statistics are never published. This would be laughable if I didn’t believe there will be many in the United States who will fall for the CCP’s propaganda.