Childless Future? Birth Rates Are Plunging Due to Childless Millennials and Gen-Z Might Not Pick Up the Slack

(End Times Headlines)—Less than a fifth of millennials, specifically those between 26 and 35, are certain that they want to become parents one day.

This inclination further diminishes among individuals with pronounced environmental concerns. Simply put, four in five young millennials want to remain childless, especially if they dwell on climate change concerns.

The study, conducted by the University of Southampton and the Generations and Gender Program, gathered insights on attitudes toward children, family, and various political issues. It involved a sample of 7,000 individuals ranging from 18 to 59 years old in the U.K.

The findings revealed a correlation with the nation’s declining birth rates, highlighting a drop in the number of young adults planning to have children.

Only 19 percent of younger millennials expressed a definitive desire to have children, while 30 percent leaned towards probably wanting children. Among older millennials, between 36 and 41, 36 percent were certain they will not have children, and 20 percent were leaning towards not having them.

The percentage of millennials who are disinclined to have children increases among those with stronger environmental concerns. However, the trend appears different for Generation Z — ages 18 to 24.

Data shows that those in this age group who are more likely to desire children are also more concerned about environmental and climate issues.

“Whilst we found that environmental concerns are a factor for older millennials intending to remain childless, our study suggests this isn’t the case for Gen Z,” says Professor Brienna Perelli-Harris, from the University of Southampton who led the UK Generations and Gender Survey, in a media release.

“This may be because some younger people do not intend to have children for other reasons, or it could be that Gen Zers who would like to have children are more worried about the planet that their children will inherit.”