Nikki Haley

Chef Andrew Gruel’s Hot Take Analogy About Nikki Haley Is Spot On

Chef Andrew Gruel is a rare breed of man. He embraces freedom as a Los Angeles celebrity, which is already uncommon. But on top of that he’s genuinely engaging, funny, and thoughtful at the same time. He’s an excellent person to follow on X, especially if you’re a fan of scrumptious Ribeyes.

His political hot takes are equally scrumptious and he dropped an observation about Nikki Haley following her loss in New Hampshire that is spot on. He references a NY Post article about Haley saying her campaign is “just getting started” despite another double-digit loss to the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump.

As Chef Gruel noted:

“This is embarrassing. Like a gambler doubling down to win rent back.”

The stakes are high for the nation but from Haley’s perspective they’re not really high for her personally. She has enough money in her campaign coffers to continue for weeks. The problem is whether she’ll be able to have more successful fundraisers with her supporters realizing it’s a lost cause.

Unfortunately, they do have one thing to latch onto: Lawfare. If the Deep State and their Democrat proxies are able to successfully convict Trump, it’s possible the RNC could try to nominate someone else. Haley wants to position herself as an acceptable safety net rather than letting delegates pick a nominee at the convention. She wants to accumulate enough delegates to make herself the palatable fallback.

Publicly she’ll pitch a path to a head-to-head victory over Trump. Privately, she’ll pitch donors on the idea that she needs to be well-positioned if Trump gets convicted. Between the two, she hopes to keep enough money flowing in for a long campaign.

Whether or not she’s able to sustain it will depend on her ability to suspend disbelief. Some are already all-in with the notion that Trump must be convicted even if they’re not necessarily sold on the idea that Haley is the appropriate safety net. If she can convince those people that she’s their only option, then it’s very possible she could stay in the race for months. If the pressure for her to drop out is enough to dissuade donors, then she’s toast.

As Prepper Beef co-founder Jason Nelson noted, her sales pitch may need to shift to a more direct plea for funds:

Nikki Haley is gambling. Unfortunately, the stakes aren’t personal because she has nothing to lose. The real stakes are the future of the nation and she’s betting on herself at America’s expense.