Charlie Kirk States a Truth Bomb About the Texas School Massacre

Across the country, Americans are realizing more and more on a daily basis with what little regard the Biden regime views them. We have listened to Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats drone on ad nauseum about how important it is for us to protect Ukraine. They have gone on record simultaneously saying to Ukraine is a sovereign nation whose borders should be protected and that the call to protect America’s borders is xenophobic and racist.

The United States has sent tens of billions of dollars to ensure that Ukrainians are safe and protected. Congress even erected a gate and established the National Guard in DC to protect themselves from their constituents. But, when it comes to America’s children, the Biden regime has made it clear that they’d rather use them and their safety as political pawns rather than ensure that they are protected.

Enter Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

Following the slaughter of 18 elementary school children and one teacher in Uvalde, Texas by an evil madman, those on the left rushed to attack everything from Ted Cruz, to the NRA, to the gun lobby, and even prayers.

Charlie Kirk boldly said what many, including this writer, were thinking.


This is both a hard and sad truth. It is yet another indication that Americans, including our most vulnerable, are seen as second class citizens by our own government officials.