. . . CBDCs Will Benefit Precious Metals Owners But One Gold Company Still Opposes Them

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Central banks have been buying more gold and silver over the past three years than any time in history. It’s obvious why, but the excuses they’re putting forth are simply smokescreens. They say they want to diversify. They say they want to hedge against the economic downturn that’s being felt across western society. They say they expect markets to crash soon. And while all of these are valid arguments to own physical precious metals, they never discuss the biggest reason they’re buying them.

The powers-that-be fully expect Central Bank Digital Currencies to by ubiquitous in the next few years, possibly sooner. When this happens and CBDCs are normalized, they know that physical precious metals will likely skyrocket. That’s why they offer up every possible excuse other than the biggest one. They realize that if the people believe CBDCs are around the corner, then they will try to get physical precious metals of their own.

Central banks do not like competition, especially when they’re competing against the people.

The vast majority of precious metals companies are embracing and even supporting the rollout of ubiquitous CBDCs. If they become a reality, these precious metals companies will score windfalls. But one company is adamantly against CBDCs even though they would help the company make more money.

“We are actively and aggressively opposing Central Bank currencies of any form because they’ll put way too much control over the masses into the hands of the very few,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “It disturbs me that most in my industry are practically giddy about an event that will suppress freedom just because these guys will make money from it.”

The rise of CBDCs will establish permanent tracking over every transaction. It will also allow governments, regulators, bureaucrats, law enforcement, and the technocrats of the burgeoning public-private partnerships to control expenditures by the people.

Genesis Gold Group educates clients and business leaders alike on the risks of CBDCs. And while they encourage Americans to move their wealth or retirement into physical gold and silver ahead of the massive financial changes, they do so through facts rather than fear.

“When we transfer or rollover retirement accounts for our clients, we don’t just shove whatever we want into their depositories,” Rose continued. “We work with our clients to select the best mix of coins and bars to match their intentions. Not all Gold IRAs are created equal. We put a great deal of effort to inform our clients about why a Genesis Gold IRA is unique and superior to other offerings on the market.”

Reach out to Genesis Gold Group today to see how they can help you protect your retirement from the coming central bank digital economy.