CBDCs, BRICS, and De-Dollarization Efforts Accelerate Ahead of a Possible Return of Trump

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The slow and steady push for de-dollarization across the globe has accelerated dramatically in recent weeks as the prospects of victory in November for Donald Trump have globalist elites and BRICS nations worried.

Russian IMF Representative Alexey Mozhin said recently that BRICS is ready to offer a blockchain alternative to not only the current international payment systems, but for the U.S. Dollar itself.

“Such a proposal is being discussed,” the director told RIA Novosti. “In the event of the collapse of the dollar and the international monetary system, it will be necessary to turn the said BRICS accounting unit into a real currency, backed by exchange goods.”

Until recently, BRICS seemed content to allow the U.S. Dollar to collapse on its own based on growing sentiments of dissatisfaction and concern even among America’s allies. But as Joe Biden continues to falter and polls show President Trump’s prospects improving daily, the rush is on to crash the Dollar artificially.

“They know a Trump victory will rejuvenate the economy,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Genesis Gold Group. “This is why BRICS nations and other enemies of the west are pushing harder to cause economic turmoil worldwide.”

Rose said the rush by Central Banks to buy physical precious metals is another sign that predictions of a Dollar collapse may be self-fulfilling.

“The powers-that-be are relying on average American investors and their retirement accounts to minimize market fluctuation long enough for Central Banks and entire nations to buy up physical precious metals, in particular gold,” Rose continued. “They’re also turning to blockchain, but not to Bitcoin or other decentralized products. That’s an omen that their development of Central Bank Digital Currencies is just about ready to roll out, which is just another reason they’re turning to gold to back their digital assets ahead of collapse.”

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According to Watcher, “The BRICS bloc has turned to blockchain technology for its brand-new payment system, according to reports. Indeed, its efforts have sought to build a competing currency built on digital assets. The US Dollar is still a ways away from crashing altogether, however, the path is there for BRICS to do damage.”

The question many across the globe are asking is whether or not a Trump presidency could start in time for the de-dollarization trend to be halted. In his first term, the U.S. Dollar was dominant but following the election of Biden and the Russian invasion of Ukraine there have been mounting concerns over the efficacy of the SWIFT payment system and the use of the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

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