Caution: Listening to Regime Spoxidiot Karine Jean-Pierre’s Answer About “Secure Borders” Will Destroy Brain Cells

It’s no wonder Karine Jean-Pierre was chosen to be White House Press Secretary. Considering her boss is Joe Biden, it takes someone with challenges speaking English properly to align with Biden’s infamous inability to talk coherently.

At today’s White House briefing, Jean-Pierre was asked a pretty basic question. She could have opted for a simply “yes” or “no” with a bit of elaboration. Instead, she attempted to placate and sidestep which require skills she simply doesn’t possess.

“Does the White House stand by those comments that the border is secure?” she was asked. Her response, transcribed verbatim, is like a word salad smothered in idiot gravy and topped with bits of Bidenesque speaking skills.

“What we stand by is we are doing everything that we can, uh, to make sure that um, uh, that we follow the process that’s been put forth, that’s why we have, uh, historic funding, uh, to do just that, to make sure that, um, uh, you know, uh, um, uh, to make sure that, um, uh, to make sure that the folks that we encounter at the border to be removed, uh, or expelled.”

Watch if you dare:

And to answer the question properly for her, “Yes, the White House stands by the blatant lie that the border is secure.”