Capital One to Acquire Discover as Debt Continues to Strangle Americans

(DNCF)—Capital One announced on Monday it was acquiring a rival financial services company in a massive stock deal as Americans continue to be plagued with credit card debt, according to The New York Times.

The McLean, Virginia-based bank announced it would acquire Discover Financial Services in a $35.3 billion all-stock transaction, The New York Times reported. The acquisition of Discover would give Capital One more market power due to Discover having a payments network of its own at the same time as credit card debt continues to mount for consumers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The acquisition could face a major hurdle from federal regulators, The New York Times reported. The Comptroller of the Currency announced it wanted to slow down the process to approve mergers and acquisitions on Jan. 29.

“It is very difficult to imagine how federal regulators could allow Capital One to buy Discover given the requirement that mergers benefit the public as well as insiders,” National Community Reinvestment Coalition President and CEO Jesse Van Tol told The New York Times.

Discover shareholders will receive a 26% premium over the company’s closing stock price, getting a little less than 102 shares of Capital One stock for every 100 shares of Discover stock if regulators approve the acquisition.

The deal comes as Americans’ total household debt hit $17.5 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2023. Credit card delinquencies of 90 days or more rose to 6.36% at the end of 2023, while total credit card debt rose to $1.13 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

“Credit card and auto loan transitions into delinquency are still rising above pre-pandemic levels,” New York Fed advisor Wilbert van der Klaauw said in a statement. “This signals increased financial stress, especially among younger and lower-income households.”

Capital One and Discover did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Synthetic Humans — Should They Be Used for Risky Experiments?

  • Researchers have succeeded in creating synthetic embryos for the first time, without stopping to first answer the question of if they should be created at all
  • The embryos exist without the need for egg, sperm or sexual reproduction of any kind
  • They were engineered from stem cells and, while they do not have a beating heart, gut or beginnings of a brain, they have primordial cells that are the precursors to egg and sperm
  • Researchers are only legally allowed to grow human embryos up to 14 days, but synthetic human embryos aren’t subject to the 14-day rule
  • While the implications for research are exciting, there are significant ethical implications, since the synthetic embryos could, theoretically, grow into a human

[Editor’s Note: The short answer is, “NO!” These fake embryos should not be used for research or anything else. They should not exist. Unfortunately, they DO exist now which is why we are publishing this article. Dr. Joseph Mercola dives into the details and conflicts to help us gain an understanding so we can better oppose this. And while I don’t agree with everything Dr. Mercola writes — just as I know not everyone will agree with what I write — it’s important nonetheless to have this conversation now before it’s too late to address it.]

Researchers have succeeded in creating synthetic embryos for the first time, without stopping to first answer the question of if they should be created at all. The embryos exist without the need for egg, sperm or sexual reproduction of any kind. They were engineered from stem cells and provide a window into the earliest days of human development.1

The scientists behind the synthetic embryos, including Magdalena Żernicka-Goetz, of the University of Cambridge and the California Institute of Technology, hope to study this so-called “black box” development period, as researchers are only legally allowed to grow human embryos up to 14 days.2

“We can create human embryo-like models by the reprogramming of [embryonic stem] cells,” Żernicka-Goetz said at the 2023 International Society for Stem Cell Research meeting in Boston.3 Further, the synthetic human embryos aren’t subject to the 14-day rule.4

Synthetic Human Embryos Form Distinct Cell Lines

The embryos were grown to the gastrulation stage of development, when distinct cell lines develop. While the embryos do not have a beating heart, gut or beginnings of a brain, they have primordial cells that are the precursors to egg and sperm. Żernicka-Goetz told The Guardian:5

“Our human model is the first three-lineage human embryo model that specifies amnion and germ cells, precursor cells of egg and sperm. It’s beautiful and created entirely from embryonic stem cells.”

The preprint study, which hasn’t been peer-reviewed yet, was published in bioRxiv,6 alongside a similar study by stem-cell biologist Jacob Hanna and colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel.7 Both studies have received some criticism that the synthetic embryos aren’t as advanced as they initially appear. Nature reported:8

“Alfonso Martinez Arias, a developmental biologist at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain, says there is ‘nothing’ in the results described by Zernicka-Goetz and her colleagues that can be considered analogous to real 14-day embryos.

‘What we can see is masses of cells separated into compartments, but no embryo-like organization,’ he says. He thinks that the over-expression of some genes needed to produce the extra-embryonic cell types ‘confuses what cells do,’ and argues that the results do not show anything that goes beyond earlier work.”

However, others have praised the work. Hanna’s team, which also produced a synthetic embryo-like structure from human stem cells, also stopped their experiment at the 14-day cutoff for human embryos, but Żernicka-Goetz and others have argued that allowing the synthetic embryos to develop longer would be useful to science.9

Speaking with Science, developmental biologist Jesse Veenvliet of the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics said of the synthetic embryo developed by Hanna’s team, “The similarity to the natural embryo is remarkable, almost uncanny.”10

Prior to the synthetic human embryo, researchers created synthetic mouse embryos.11 This was less than a year ago, showing how rapidly the field is moving. While the implications for research are exciting, there are significant ethical implications, since the synthetic embryos could, at least theoretically, grow into a human. Robin Lovell-Badge, told The Guardian:12

“The idea is that if you really model normal human embryonic development using stem cells, you can gain an awful lot of information about how we begin development, what can go wrong, without having to use early embryos for research.”

Legal and Ethical Implications Are Significant

While it’s currently against the law to attempt to implant a synthetic embryo into a human womb, the science is rapidly outpacing related regulations. “If the whole intention is that these models are very much like normal embryos, then in a way they should be treated the same,” Lovell-Badge told The Guardian. “Currently in legislation they’re not. People are worried about this.”13

In animal studies, synthetic embryos implanted into mice wombs did not survive. Similarly, when synthetic monkey embryos were implanted into monkey wombs, pregnancies were induced, although the embryos spontaneously stopped developing after a few days.14

However, if the synthetic embryos could one day grow into humans, we’d be entering into uncharted legal and ethical territory. Ethicist J. Benjamin Hurlbut of Arizona State University told Science that synthetic embryos represent “a matter of significant moral discussion and of significant moral concern.”15

Are We Headed for Mechanical Wombs?

Scientists are already working on how to grow life outside of a human womb and, in 2021, Hanna and colleagues grew a mouse embryo in a mechanical womb for about half of a typical gestational term — a time period equal to a human embryo at 5 weeks.16

Growing mouse embryos “ex utero,” the researchers said, is a valuable tool to investigate embryonic development in detail,17 but it comes with serious ethical questions, including might humans be next?18

The answer is yes, as Hanna told MIT Technology Review, “This sets the stage for other species. I hope that it will allow scientists to grow human embryos until week five.”19 Are we headed for an “era of motherless births,”20 in which babies are gown in laboratories via artificial wombs? It does seem to be where the research is rapidly headed.

The term ectogenesis, which describes gestation that occurs outside a human body, from conception to birth, was coined in 1924 by scientist J.B.S. Haldane.21 But it’s only now, nearly a century later, that technology is nearing the point of making this a reality. Haldane predicted ectogenesis would make up more than 70% of human births by 2074.22

First, however, will likely be partial ectogenesis, a field being rapidly pursued as a means to extend viability of extremely premature babies. Not only has artificial amniotic fluid been developed, but the layer of cells in the uterus that nourishes the pregnancy, known as the endometrium, is also being developed as a cell culture.

This paves the way for partial ectogenesis and then full-fledged ectogenesis in the not-so-distant future. According to the Genetic Literacy Project:23

“The convergence of these technologies will make it possible to transfer a developing human into a system that includes the placenta and umbilical cord and supplies all consumables (oxygen and food), and removes all waste, directly through the blood. Thus, survival and continuing development would not depend on the lungs and other organs being ready yet to do their job.

Applying such a system to fetus delivered in the middle of pregnancy would constitute real partial ectogenesis. Furthermore, since bypassing the developing, not fully functional organs, stands to improve survival substantially, and might even decrease the costs of extreme premature birth, the movement of the technology from research to clinic is inevitable.

Once that happens, there will be no obstacle against pushing the limit further, toward full ectogenesis. But there will be no obstacle to pushing the limit akin to how lung viability has placed an obstacle to conventional pre-term care. At some point, an in vitro fertilized egg could be planted directly into the artificial womb, with no need for a natural uterus even for the early stages.”

Scientists Develop Robot ‘Skin’ Made From Human Cells

As robots continue to rollout into society, scientists are looking for ways to make them more human. This, they say, will promote their acceptance and further interactions with actual humans. Writing in the journal Matter, researchers explained:24

“Humanoids are robots created with human forms or characteristics; these robots also have the potential to seamlessly interact with human beings. By replicating the appearances and functions (e.g., self-healing) of human beings, humanoids have the potential to establish more harmonic and natural human-robot interactions.”

To facilitate this, the team, from the University of Tokyo, Japan, created living skin for robots, made with human cells. They submerged a three-joint robotic finger into a solution of collagen and human dermal fibroblasts, which conformed to the finger, forming a primer for the next layer of cells, human epidermal keratinocytes. Together, the layers formed a skin-like surface that can even self-heal if wounded.

While the researchers were pleased with the outcome, stating, “We are surprised by how well the skin tissue conforms to the robot’s surface,” they explained, “This work is just the first step toward creating robots covered with living skin.”25 Next, they intend to add sensory neurons, hair follicles, nails and sweat glands to make the robots appear just like humans.

“I think living skin is the ultimate solution to give robots the look and touch of living creatures since it is exactly the same material that covers animal bodies,” study author Shoji Takeuchi said in a news release.26

Will People Be Turned Into Cyborgs?

As robots continue to look increasingly real, scientists are also working on making people more robotic. A May 2021 project report by the U.K. Ministry of Defense, created in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defense Planning, is titled “Human Augmentation — The Dawn of a New Paradigm, a Strategic Implications Project.”27

As noted in the report, “Human augmentation has the potential to … change the meaning of what it means to be a human.” Merging humans with machines is precisely what Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has stated is the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution.28

Schwab dreams of a world in which humans are connected to the cloud, able to access the internet through their own brains. This, of course, also means that your brain would be accessible to people who might like to tinker with your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behavior. The report further explains:29

“Human augmentation will become increasingly relevant, partly because it can directly enhance human capability and behavior and partly because it is the binding agent between people and machines.

Future wars will be won, not by those with the most advanced technology, but by those who can most effectively integrate the unique capabilities of both people and machines. The importance of human-machine teaming is widely acknowledged but it has been viewed from a techno-centric perspective.

Human augmentation is the missing part of this puzzle. Thinking of the person as a platform and understanding our people at an individual level is fundamental to successful human augmentation.”

In May 2023, Elon Musk’s brain-chip company, Neuralink, received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a human clinical trial — the first of its kind. The company plans to implant a brain chip into a tetraplegic or paraplegic patient in 2023.30

It’s likely that one day transhumanism will involve the use of technologies that are physically embedded in the human body or brain to offer superhuman cognition or forms of mind control. Gene-edited babies have also been developed. In 2018, He Jiankui, a Chinese scientist, modified the DNA of human embryos during in vitro fertilization by disabling a gene called CCR5, which could potentially make the babies resistant to infection with HIV.31

The babies, twin girls known as Lulu and Nana, were born in 2018,32 and a third baby with an edited CCR5 gene was born in 2019.33 He’s team received major backlash from the highly controversial move, as while the technology to genetically edit human babies has existed for some time, ethical considerations had stopped researchers from tinkering with the human germline.

He went to jail for three years as a result of the “illegal medical practice,”34 but the momentum to create lab-grown designer babies continues. A February 1, 2022, article in Futurism, for instance, announced that Chinese scientists developed an artificial intelligence nanny robot to care for fetuses grown inside an artificial womb.35

As transhumanism gets underway in earnest, there’s little doubt that growing synthetic human embryos is only the beginning — and ethical considerations about growing babies in laboratories will be largely ignored in favor of advancing technology.

Sound off about this on the End Medical Tyranny Substack.

The Left’s Assault on Language Is an Assault on Freedom

(Mises Institute)—George Orwell wrote, “The slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.” More colorfully and in a similar vein, it has been said that blurry words carry deplorable thinking the way mosquitoes carry malaria.

It behooves us all to pay attention when people use words deviously or manipulatively not to inform but to conceal.

How can people who are intolerant and authoritarian at every turn call themselves “liberal”? How can people wanting to regress the United States to the collectivism of the past—as socialism and fascism both devolve to feudalism over time—call themselves “progressives”?

How can one honestly use the term “affirmative action,” which is reverse racial discrimination, when discriminating on the basis of race is the definition of racism? There is nothing affirmative about being discriminated against simply because you are a white or Asian male.

“Diversity” means that only those infected by the woke mind virus need apply so that diversity equates to ideological conformity. “Equity” necessarily means inequality, with some people given privilege at the expense of everyone else. “Inclusion” means everyone who doesn’t bow to the political correctness dogma or possess some forever-victimhood privilege will be excluded.

Social justice essentially means “not justice.” Socializing justice demands injustice to individuals, to the white and Asian men whose careers have been foreclosed as college admissions, jobs, and promotions have been given to less-qualified people with a preferred race or sex. Every woman in East Germany being raped by Russian soldiers at the close of World War II—that was the principle of social justice being applied by the powerful victors at that moment.

“Gender-affirming care” means endorsing a feeling, very possibly induced by propaganda, that runs counter to every identifiable physical scientific fact concerning sex. Castration of a minor is the opposite of care.

For many decades, dictionaries defined “vaccine” as a preparation of killed or attenuated organisms administered to produce immunity to a particular disease. The emergency-use mRNA injection was neither that type of preparation nor did it provide any immunity, yet it was called a vaccine by all those pushing it on us. Someone playing with the meaning of a word should be a red flag that you are not dealing with someone of honest persuasion.

And “cases.” What did that word mean? Were you sick with covid, or had you just tested positive with the worthless polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests? Nobody ever knew, and—purposefully—none in the pay of the ruling class ever asked.

Harvard just contrived the euphemistic phrase “duplicative language” to obscure the reality of plagiarism being intellectual theft.

If someone uses the word “misinformation,” it is a pretty good tell that they are working for a censoring propagandist. Incorrect information in a free society is corrected by information that persuasively counters it, not censorship. This is a founding principle of the US republic and has a rather good track record to the extent it has been allowed.

The Trusted News Initiative, for all their “Poison Ivy League“ grads, behaved as if it was oblivious to this history: the media members censored and shadow banned mostly true information about the virus, the “vax,” and other things—often information from extremely reputable experts in the relevant subject. The most salient feature of the Trusted News Initiative is that it cannot be trusted.

Similarly, the one thing that does not matter to the Black Lives Matter movement is black lives: Murders of blacks surged in 2020 in the wake of their riots and calls to defund the police. With police diminished in number and unable or afraid to do their jobs, murders of blacks increased 43 percent over the average of the previous ten years! (Historically, 93 percent of blacks have been murdered by other blacks according to the Department of Justice, and this definitely doesn’t matter to Black Lives Matter.)

The dominant marketing department of the ruling class of the US is known as the Democratic Party. The one thing that party is not is democratic.

Witness the shenanigans by which they elevated Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in 2016. Witness the backroom way that Joe Biden was anointed as their nominee (at Congressman Jim Clyburn’s signal in South Carolina) in 2020. The Democratic Party’s undemocratic ways are further exhibited by the way their droves of lawyers maneuvered throughout the country to overturn all manner of election law (established by democratically elected legislatures) so that Biden could be elected from his basement with almost forty-seven million mail-in ballots.

Presently, their legal persecution of the candidate for president who is leading Biden in the polls and their chicanery to prevent voters from having the right to vote for this presidential candidate are both exceedingly undemocratic. Democratic congressmen have also literally sought to prevent 126 Republican congressmen from being allowed to appear on the ballot for reelection because of their thoughts surrounding January 6 and 2020 election irregularities. To describe Democrats as “democratic” is 1984 doublespeak.

The other marketing department for the US ruling class, the Republican Party, doesn’t have deceit built into its name. However, a party campaigning vociferously for cutting government spending for the last fifty years while virtually never cutting any spending certainly brings to mind the quip, “Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.”

The Republican Party does make a home for the handful of members who genuinely value individual freedom and limited government, but it never allows them into the leadership. Allowing a few virtuous into the party creates the illusion that the party is something other than controlled opposition—as they join the Democrats in loving US taxpayer involvement in every single war anywhere on the planet.

The only thing the putative “conservative” party conserves is the ruling class.

As best as you can, beware those using squirrelly words, trying to usher us deeper into an Orwellian dystopia.

Electric Vehicles Are so Unpopular That Mines Producing Minerals for Them Are Shutting Down

DCNF(DCNF)—A slowdown in the growth of electric vehicle (EV) demand has led to entire mines being shut down as the supply of rare earth minerals essential for EV components exceeds demand, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Mines around the world are ceasing operations or halting construction projects in response to the falling demand, such as a $1.3 billion plant in North Carolina operated by Albemarle. which announced that it was deferring spending on the project amid the market turmoil, according to the WSJ The total market share of EVs rose from 3.1% in January 2023 to 3.6% in December 2023, while the share of U.S. vehicle inventory grew from 2.8% to 5.7% in that same time frame as demand fails to keep up with supply.

Over the last few years, global mineral producers have ramped up mining operations in an attempt to capitalize on the emerging EV market, but consumers have declined to adopt EVs at the rate producers were expecting, leading to rare minerals flooding the market and driving down prices, according to the WSJ. The market for metals is often subject to boom-and-bust cycles due to unpredictable demand and the slow speed at which mines can be brought into operation.

The price of lithium is down around 90% since the beginning of last year, and the price of nickel has been cut in half in that same time frame, according to the WSJ. A mine on the French Pacific island of New Caledonia recently suspended operations, despite providing more than 6% of the world’s nickel supply.

The decline in mineral demand is particularly dire to the Australian mining industry and economy in general, with the country’s government recently designating nickel as a critical mineral to give corporations access to government grants in order to provide some stimulus to struggling companies, according to the WSJ. The collapse of mineral prices has led to a loss of more than one-fifth of Australia’s mine supply.

China controls around 87% of the world’s rare earth mineral refining capacity, leading the U.S. to attempt to subsidize projects outside of China to secure access to the resources. The Biden administration has included provisions in EV tax credits that require a certain percentage of minerals not to be from a foreign entity of concern like China to be eligible.

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3 Reasons the Stock Market May Be a False Economic Positive

Note: The information provided by The Liberty Daily or any related communications is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. We do not provide personalized investment, financial, or legal advice.

There are two huge lies being told by the Biden-Harris regime about the economy. The first is the easiest to debunk: “Low” Unemployment. With every jobs report getting adjusted weeks after delivering “good news” to the people, it has become the least reliable metric in finance. The incessant fibs about how well the job market is doing belies what Americans are feeling in the trenches.

The second huge lie is a bit tougher for many to see. The stock market is supposedly in a “bull market” status, but is it really? And even if it is, should investors trust that the trends will continue?

“A lot of our clients are hesitant to move investments to physical precious metals because they feel that the stock market is currently performing well,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “We encourage them to consider three things before making their decisions, especially when they’re concerned about the stability of their retirement accounts.”

Here are the three things Rose and his team tell people to consider:

  1. Is the stock market rising faster than inflation or is it simply keeping pace? A recent observation by Stephen Moore from Daily Caller News Foundation is worth considering. He said that the current “bull market” is just a reflection of the recovery that followed the wipeout that tore away billions of dollars in wealth between December, 2021, and September, 2022. Inflation is directly affecting the current stock prices, but that pace may not be sustainable if costs continue to rise even as revenue remains stagnant.
  2. Will turmoil, especially leading up to the presidential election, be more likely to help or hurt the stock market? While gold and silver are often seen as hedges against economic challenges derived from turmoil, the stock market often acts in reverse. Most stocks thrive through stability, so those who expect instability in the near future should rethink their current positions. Considering so many are warning of riots getting worse the closer we get to the 2024 election, it may be best to rethink those positions sooner rather than later.
  3. For long-term investments such as those in retirement accounts, is the potential reward from the “bull market” worth the risk if things go south? There’s a very big difference between investing to earn short-term gains and protecting one’s life’s savings in their retirement account. For day traders or those seeking to move money regularly, the risks of riding the bull market wave can be mitigated by good decisions. For long-term portfolios like IRAs and old 401(k) accounts, many prefer the stability of physical precious metals.

“I think it’s important that we have never engaged in fearmongering, especially about investments,” Rose continued. “There are so many in the precious metals industry that have been making Chicken Little predictions for decades. I believe our analysis is more credible because we haven’t been screaming about economic challenges until now.

“We’re only talking about it today because it has become a legitimate concern. When the economy looked strong, we weren’t making dire predictions like most others in our industry. Today, we’re ringing the alarm bell.”

Genesis Gold Group specializes in rolling over or transferring retirement accounts into self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. Reach out to them today to learn how they can help navigate the current financial landscape.

Chaos Erupts! We Are Witnessing Riots, Protests and Civil Unrest All Over the Western World in 2024

(The Economic Collapse Blog)—Order is breaking down all over the western world as governments lose control of their populations.  Farmers have been holding angry protests throughout Europe, enormous groups of migrants have been rioting on a regular basis, looting has become a way of life in many communities in the United States, and now truckers are calling for a historic boycott of New York City.

We are witnessing very alarming explosions of anger and frustration all over the western world right now, and there are no easy answers because most of us have lost faith in those that are governing us.

I would like to start by discussing the rioting that just took place in the Netherlands.

A fight between two rival groups of Eritreans resulted in a massive riot which transformed the streets of the Hague into a war zone

A violent riot erupted on the streets of the Hague last night, as ‘migrants’ attacked cops with bricks and torched police cars.

Dozens of rioters were filmed surrounding the Opera conference hall along Fruitweg in the Netherlands, as multiple police vans drove to the scene.

Another clip also showed the aftermath. The building had several smashed windows and parked vehicles were on fire, with the street left looking like a warzone.

A fight broke out between two groups of Eritreans. ‘It got seriously out of hand,’ The Hague Municipality spokesman Robin Middel said last night.

“Seriously out of hand” is a major understatement.

It is going to take a very long time to repair the immense damage that was caused by the rioters.

Elsewhere in Europe, there were “angry clashes between police and demonstrators” when a couple hundred thousand pro-Palestinian protesters flooded into central London on Saturday

A video has shown angry clashes between police and demonstrators during a pro-Palestine march in central London today which is estimated to have attracted between 200,000 and 250,000 to the capital.

A total of eleven people have been arrested, including at least on suspicion of support for a proscribed organisation, with the demonstration scheduled to end near the Israeli embassy, with pictures showing police lined up in front of it, apparently to guard it.

Needless to say, such a sizable protest never would have happened 20 years ago.

But in recent times millions of migrants have been pouring into Europe, and the EU just passed a “migration pact” which will completely open the floodgates

The EU has passed a migration pact dubbed “the suicide of Europe” which could lead to the continent being flooded with as many as 75 million new migrants.

The European Parliament’s LIBE committee passed the act on Wednesday, which formalizes the distribution of migrants to member states and punishes those that refuse to take them.

Because cultural enrichment and diversity is “our greatest strength,” countries that try to maintain their national identity without being subsumed by migrants will be hit with severe financial penalties.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of National Rally’s parliamentary wing, previously said the pact would lead to “the suicide of Europe,” adding that it was a deal with the devil and represents an “organized plan of submersion of Europe and the nations which compose it.”

Of course it isn’t just migrants that have been taking to the streets.

In recent weeks, vast numbers of farmers throughout Europe have been expressing their deep displeasure with those that are ruling over them…

Farmers are holding protests across Europe, clogging the streets with their tractors, blocking ports and pelting the European Parliament with eggs over a long list of complaints from environmental regulation to excessive red tape.

“We are no longer making a living from our profession,” one aggrieved farmer in Paris told CNN.

While some of the most dramatic protests have been in France, similar action has been taking place in a host of countries including Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Greece, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Normally farmers are not radical activists. But they have been pushed way too far, and they have decided that enough is enough.

Here in the United States, truckers that are infuriated by the verdict that was just handed down in New York City are pledging to boycott the Big Apple from this point forward

Some Trump-supporting truckers are refusing to transport loads to and from New York City after the former president was fined $355 million and had his ability to run businesses in the state suspended in Friday’s civil fraud verdict.

A pro-Trump truck driver known as “Chicago Ray” posted a video to X following the verdict, sharing that he and several of his colleagues are declining NYC delivery jobs due to Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling.

“I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the last… hour and 15 minutes… I’ve talked to at least ten drivers… they’re going to start refusing loads to New York City starting on Monday,” Ray said.

Will this boycott be widespread enough to make a huge difference?

I don’t know.

But if enough truck drivers joined the boycott, it could certainly cause a lot of pain.

As Zero Hedge has pointed out, truck drivers move “between 70% to 73% of all freight in the United States”…

Truck drivers transport between 70% to 73% of all freight in the United States. Therefore, when truckers begin discussing plans on social media to boycott loads to progressive hellhole New York City, it’s important to pay attention.

Following the verdict, many business owners in New York City were concerned that they could receive the same treatment that Trump just received.

In response, New York Governor Kathy Hochul explained that business owners have nothing to fear as long as they are “law-abiding and rule-following”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul attempted to reassure business owners in New York that they have nothing to fear after the state’s Attorney General fleeced $355 million from President Trump for running a business in the state.

Hochul told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM where she was asked if other New York businesspeople should be worried that if “they can do that to the former president, they can do that to anybody.”

According to Hochul: “I think that this is really an extraordinary unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior.”

Do you think that such a statement will make anyone feel better? Of course not.

There is so much anger over what just happened.  At this point, Wayne Allyn Root is calling for a nationwide boycott of the entire city

All 100 million of us must boycott New York City. No more vacations there. No business trips. No more attending conventions. No Christmas trips to see the Rockettes and the tree at Rockefeller Center. No more clothes shopping on Fifth Avenue. No Broadway shows. No more spending at hotels or fancy restaurants. Just say, “NO!”

Ask every store or online site you buy from, “Are you based in New York City?” If they are, find someone else to buy from.

All of the examples that I have shared in this article share a common theme.

The elite are losing their grip and are having a very difficult time maintaining order.

This is happening despite a very sophisticated campaign to censor the Internet and control what we think.

It just isn’t working.

They are trying to pull our strings, but most of us are no longer obeying.

And in many of our communities, social order is totally breaking down.  As I mentioned earlier, there are some parts of the country where looting has become a way of life

By now it’s a familiar scene: a group of seven men walked into a a clothing retailer Thursday wearing face coverings and robbed the place blind in broad daylight, walking out with armloads of merchandise while the store was still open. But this wasn’t San Francisco or Los Angeles, it was in Memphis last week, and the retailer says this was one of more than 60 similar incidents to happen in the last year in their Memphis area stores alone.

According to WREG-TV, police released surveillance video of the alleged shoplifting gang who walked out of a local City Gear store carrying armloads of pilfered merchandise. Police say, after reviewing the footage, that at least seven individuals participated in the organized theft. Neither police, nor City Gear’s parent corporation Hibbett have released an exact dollar amount of the merchandise that was stolen, but it was described as a “large amount.”

At this point, things have gotten so crazy that it really takes a lot to shock me. But I was shocked by one story that I read earlier today.

One man that had just been released from prison decided to hijack a car hauler truck that was transporting 10 Chevrolet C8 Corvettes

Fox 10 Phoenix reports that a 23-year-old man, freshly out of jail, hijacked a tractor-trailer loaded with exotic sports cars, telling law enforcement after he was caught, he simply needed a ride.

According to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department in Phoenix, Arizona, the suspect, Isaiah Walker, “assaulted and robbed” a truck driver at a Willcox Loves Truck Stop.

“Walker grabbed the victim and threw him from the cab,” the sheriff’s department wrote on Facebook.

The suspect then “entered the vehicle, locked the door, stole the vehicle, and drove it from the parking lot,” the sheriff’s department continued, adding the truck was hauling ten Chevrolet C8 Corvettes with an estimated value above $1.25 million.

Sadly, this is just the beginning.

2024 is less than two months old, and I believe that by the end of this year we are going to see far more chaos than we are witnessing now.

So watch your back and keep your head on a swivel, because we are entering a time when danger will potentially be lurking around every corner.

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