Casualty of Radical Leftism_ Seattle Boy Watches Father Die Because Understaffed Police Are Hampered by Democrat Policies

Casualty of Radical Leftism: Seattle Boy Watches Father Die Because Understaffed Police Are Hampered by Democrat Policies

Those who aren’t living in a city run by radical leftists get to see statistics about rising crime and shake their heads. But those who do live in cities like Seattle are experiencing the effects of these policies. One boy had to watch his father die unnecessarily because of the anti-police and pro-vaxx mandate policies enacted by the Democrats who are running the city into the ground.

According to Jason Rantz at MyNorthwest:

In two 911 calls, a 13-year-old Seattle teen pleaded for help as his father suffered a medical emergency in their apartment. But what would normally elicit an immediate response was delayed, and the father died. First responders blame the city’s ongoing staffing crisis, which was worsened by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

When Seattle Fire arrived, they were told to wait for police before entering. The address was flagged as unsafe for Seattle Fire to enter. At the time, the precinct was down two officers, leaning on non-patrol volunteers to meet minimum staffing levels. It took Seattle police 15 minutes to arrive, delaying medics from performing life-saving measures. Despite their best efforts, the father died. And it turns out the address was flagged due to a previous tenant and did not apply to its current residents.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s COVID vaccine mandate crippled already understaffed police and fire departments. They do not have enough employees to respond to emergency calls. And through no fault of Seattle police or Seattle Fire, a man is dead when he might have been saved.

The city has experienced a mass exodus of law enforcement officers in the months following the “Summer of Love” in which Durkan and her fellow radicals in City Hall acted like Antifa were heroes and the police were the villains. Law enforcement has been hampered by the defund-police mentality that is rampant in Seattle and Washington state leadership. Meanwhile, the people of Seattle and surrounding areas are struggling to survive as crime and crippling vaccine mandates have turned the once-proud city into a destitute and crime-ridden hellhole.

Will Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan mourn this death that was directly caused by her ludicrous policies? No. She is far too busy destroying other people’s lives as the queen vaxx-nanny of the northwest.

Image by Hongao Xu, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.