Jessica Robb

Canadian Reporter Jessica Robb Has Scary Medical Incident Live On-Air

A Canadian reporter for an Edmonton television station had a medical incident while reporting live Sunday.

Jessica Robb, a reporter for CTV Edmonton, was delivering a report from the field when she started having difficulties with her words. She then apologized and said she wasn’t feeling well. Just as the camera cut off, she appeared to be about to collapse.


The channel reported that she is resting and recovering after the incident. No other details were released.

As journalist Keean Bexte alluded to in a Tweet, Bell is the company that owns CTV. They require Covid-19 “vaccines” for all employees.

It’s always important to note that we have no proof the Covid “vaccines” contributed to the medical incident. But it’s equally imperative that we continue to ask the question because nobody in corporate media ever does. They may or may not report on the incident at all, and invariably none of the reports will mention the words “Covid” or “vaccine.”

We take criticism for always asking, “Was it the jabs?” We will continue to ask until we get answers. With the sharp rise in suspicious incidents just in the last week, it seems like we’ll be asking the question every day going forward.

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