Trucker Convoy Canada Blame Russia

Canadian Media Launches Latest Anti-Trucker Convoy Propaganda: BLAME RUSSIA!

It’s no secret that the government and corporate media apparatus in Canada is similar to that in the United States. Some would say they’re even more leftist than what we have, especially with their woke Prime Minister and his cronies in the press.

That’s why there’s nothing surprising about the latest attempt by the powers in Canada to gaslight the people into believing the extremely popular and widely supported trucker convoy that has made international news is not something they should support. Multiple outlets simultaneously started pushing the ludicrous theory that the anti-vaccine-mandate push is nothing more than a Russian plot because of Canada’s support or Ukraine.

Seriously. Here’s an example:

Just as American media refuses to believe the well-informed folks pushing against mandates in this country have reason for concerns, so too does Canadian media want to think it’s all a big conspiracy against them. But our concerns are legitimate and well-founded. We are following the science which clearly tells us the vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Moreover, we believe in the medical freedom that should be inherent within any modern western society.

As long as we allow the powers-that-be to control the narrative, we will continue to be bombarded with propaganda, gaslighting, and outright lies. The parallels between the United States and Canada are striking in this regard, especially when we consider how the trucker mandate affects the economies of both nations greatly. We must show our support for the truckers and everyone who is fighting medical tyranny both in America and abroad.