BURN: Katie Pavlich Delivers an Inconvenient Reminder to Eric Holder

It has barely been 48 hours since a coward with a gun breached the doors of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and took out his rage on an elementary school that serves 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. The 18-year-old, who I will not name, was indeed doing Satan’s work when he first shot his grandmother in the face, then went to an elementary school and killed 19 fourth graders and two teachers.

His actions were a sick and twisted act of violence by someone who had, like most school shooters, exhibited signs of violence and mental instability that should have set alarm bells off to all those around him. He even announced his plans on social media. Innocent children were slaughtered as were teachers who were trying to protect them.

Families in Uvalde have not even had the opportunity to bury their loved ones, but, of course, Democrats have entered their “never let a crisis go to waste’ modus operandi.

On a daily basis, the left turns a blind eye to violence on streets across America, including “gun violence” by gangs in places like Chicago, Baltimore, and New York City. George Soros-backed district attorneys around the country routinely release violent criminals in the name of “equity.” But, that doesn’t stop Democrats from putting their self-righteous hypocrisy on display if they think they can score political points and strip law-abiding Americans of their constitutional rights.

Enter Eric Holder.

When Holder was Attorney General of the United States, his “Department of Justice” was engulfed in the Fast and Furious scandal. In an effort to undermine the constitutional rights of Americans, the DOJ and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) put the gun-running operation in action. Because of their reckless program, untraced guns got into the hands of the Mexican drug cartel and other violent criminals. These actions led to the deaths of countless Mexican citizens, American citizens, and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

His hand in these deaths didn’t stop Holder, who during his tenure at the DOJ operated more as Barack Obama’s personal attorney than that of the United States, from standing on the soon to be graves of those murdered at Robb Elementary School to push for the elimination of the Second Amendment by attacking one of the left’s favorite strawman targets, “the gun lobby.”

Enter Katie Pavlich who set the record straight and called Holder out on his hypocritical, manipulative BS.

Of course, the Democrat allies at CNN allowed Holder’s statement to stand unchallenged. That is but one reason why they are accurately known as fake news.