Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik Adam Schiff Lectured About “Dark Money” But Forgot About HIS OWN Dark Money Problems

There has been a disturbing trend among Democrats in recent years. They have grown increasingly fond of making accusations against opponents in an effort to cover up their own sins. Congressman Adam Schiff is one of the worst offenders of deflecting and did so again this week.

He announced his introduction of a Constitutional Amendment to end “dark money.”

“The Citizens United decision enabled special interest groups to pour billions into elections and erode public trust. Today, I’m introducing a constitutional amendment to overturn this disastrous ruling. Let’s get dark money out of our democracy. And return power to the people.”

Even if we set aside the impossibility of passing such an Amendment or the virtue-signaling he’s doing by bringing it up in the first place, we cannot ignore that he has been one of the most prolific recipients of dark money on Capitol Hill today. Is he suggesting that he’s trying to prevent himself from taking advantage of the system?

Conservative KTTH show host Jason Rantz from Seattle brought receipts for Schiff.

Adam Schiff: special interest group money is bad! Schiff’s PAC dollars from special interests (like labor unions):

  • ’19-’20: $521,220
  • ’17-’18: $561,163
  • ’15-’16: $445,608
  • ’13-’14: $440,416
  • ’11-’12: $529,675
  • ’09-’10: $482,672
  • ’07-’08: $470,229
  • ’05-’06: $478,090
  • ’01-’02: $446,305

Here’s a pro-tip for Adam Schiff: If you’re going to lambaste a political practice, make sure you’re not one of the worst on Capitol Hill at engaging in that practice for the last two decades.