Browns Lose Three 'Fully Vaccinated' Running Backs to Covid-19 This Week. But, But, But Aaron Rodgers!

Browns Lose Three ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Running Backs to Covid-19 This Week. But, But, But Aaron Rodgers!

The National Football League is losing the narrative. They’ve had the most draconian Covid-19 vaccine protocols among major sports in America, yet they keep losing “fully vaccinated” athletes to positive tests. The Cleveland Browns are the latest to get hit with three of their running backs, including their Pro Bowl star Nick Chubb, testing positive for Covid-19 this week alone.

Meanwhile, the vaxx-nannies in and out of the NFL have been hitting Green Bay Packers quarterback with everything they have. He’s also recovering from Covid-19, but he’s being treated by a leper because he is unvaxxed. It’s a disgusting display of hypocrisy that has characterized the NFL since before the pandemic began.

According to NBC Sports:

According to multiple reports, starting running back Nick Chubb and rookie running back Demetric Felton have both tested positive for COVID-19.

Both running backs are reportedly vaccinated, so they may be able to play if they have two negative tests separated by 24 hours. But now three of Cleveland’s four running backs on the 53-man roster have tested positive for the virus in the last two days. John Kelly was placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list on Monday.

That makes Johnson the only available running back currently on the roster.

As we always note, the way the NFL is treating the unvaxxed is not only ludicrous but discriminatory. They allow vaxxed players to test their way back into playing condition after only 24 hours while they force the unvaxxed to wait 10 days. It makes absolutely zero scientific sense. This is punitive. It’s bullying. It is designed to pressure players into getting jabbed. That’s it.

As long as society tolerates this type of blatant discrimination that makes a mockery of science and puts undue pressure on those who have made a personal medical choice, we will not be a free nation.