British Airways Coverup_ Four Pilots Dead in One Week But Airline Obfuscates on Vaccine Connection

British Airways Coverup: Four Pilots Dead in One Week But Airline Obfuscates on Vaccine Connection

There’s an easy way to know when a narrative is being fabricated. One needs only look closely at the wording of statements and oftentimes the subsequent fact-checks to see when a coverup is in process. Such is the case with British Airways and their claims that four pilots who have died in one week are not “linked.”

Reuters quickly came to their rescue and did a “fact-check” on the claims that are circulating across social media. They, of course, determined that it was “false” but just like the British Airways statement, Reuters conspicuously avoided the topic of vaccines. First, let’s look at the wording of BA’s Tweet:

“Sadly four members of our pilot community passed away recently. Our thoughts are with their family and friends. However, there is no truth whatsoever in the claims on social media speculating that the four deaths are linked. Julie”

No mention of vaccines or Covid-19. The deaths may not be technically “linked” at this time because when it comes to post-vaccine adverse reactions, transparency is bad enough in the United States but even worse in the United Kingdom. They have been particularly opaque about post-vaccination deaths ever since the so-called “Delta Variant” began spreading around the country like wildfire. Scientists have speculated that the new variant not only circumvents the minimal protections offered by the vaccines, but in some cases seems to be more potent on those who have been vaccinated.

The Reuters “fact check” does as fact-checks often do. They take the entirety of a story and determine its validity based on a single component. This makes it easy for them to “debunk” stories that go against the mainstream narrative by isolating one false statement and condemning the entire story as a result.

In this case, they barely skimmed over claims that all four pilots had been vaccinated recently and instead honed in on a conspiracy theory spreading on social media that British Airways is in emergency talks with the government to prohibit vaccinated pilots from flying. There’s even a recording of the claim made of an anonymous source discussing specifics that clearly make very little sense. But it’s the meat of the Reuters fact-check, giving them the ability to disregard the entire story because of the single false component.

As The Gateway Pundit reported:

A recording (unconfirmed) of a male discussing the deaths is circulating social media.

“They’ve had the third BA pilot die in the last seven days, yeah? Third pilot dead in the last week,” says the man heard in the recording. “The first two guys were in their forties and fifties; this guy, mid-thirties, perfectly fit, no underlying conditions. He gets his second jab and he’s dead within days, exactly the same with the first two.

“Because of this, BA are now in crisis talks with the government about whether to allow vaccinated pilots to fly. The issue with that of course is that about 80%, according to my friend in BA, 80-85% have been injected.”


As TGP rightly noted, this is unconfirmed. It is also almost certainly false. That’s not to say that the person who sent the audio wasn’t being sincere, but BA would not be in talks about reducing their pilot workforce by 90%. One might even think it’s intentional disinformation to make the story less plausible and to give it a “debunking” out for fact-checkers.

One more note about the Reuters “fact-check.” The statements they posted specifically did not deny that the pilots were recently vaccinated, claiming only that the deaths were not connected to vaccines, according to BA. They also posted a very carefully worded statement from the MHRA that also did not deny the pilots were recently vaccinated, claiming only they had not been made aware of the deaths.

“We have not been made aware of deaths of BA pilots after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine and have not had discussions with BA or other airlines, about preventing pilots from flying after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Dr. Sarah Branch, the director of vigilance and risk management of medicines for the MHRA.

We have reached out to BA and MHRA asking for confirmation that the pilots were vaccinated. As of the posting of this article, neither has replied, though BA replied to a “nice” question almost immediately that was sent after the vaccine question.

We are still attempting to confirm that all four pilots were vaccinated. Thus far, we have received some confirmation on three of the four, though the confirmations have not been corroborated. This has been an exercise in journalistic futility; nobody is willing to say they were not vaccinated yet getting confirmation that they were vaccinated has been challenging. However, one would think that if any of the four pilots had not been recently vaccinated, that would be very quickly and loudly stated by BA, the MHRA, and Reuters. Instead, they continue to keep the information obscured with statements that the deaths were not connected.

This is a story that will not get any play on mainstream media. They’re already suppressing it on social media. Yet, nobody is willing to answer the very simple question, “When were these four pilots vaccinated?”