. . . Brief 2024 Gold and Silver Outlook: Buyer Beware

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The economy took a beating on multiple fronts in 2023, setting up the likelihood for even more turmoil in 2024. But even through financial turbulence there are moves Americans can make to not only seek higher financial ground but also to build a foundation for future growth. The key to succeeding in 2024 will be following the right roadmap, one that accounts for all components of chaos, not just individual indicators.

General sentiment toward gold and silver is at its highest point in years. But there’s a hidden risk for those who are swept up by the positive momentum. Not all gold and silver investments are created equal and high expectations in 2024 will lead many into poor decisions. Owning precious metals in 2024 can be very good, but having the wrong mix of physical gold and silver can dramatically reduce their “safe haven” potential.

While most in the precious metals industry are looking at the Fed and their actions on interest rates for 2024 as the key indicator, they’re missing the most valuable lesson learned in 2023. Gold and silver proved to be extremely resilient despite the steepest interest rate hikes in years. This trend went squarely against conventional thinking, so why are most companies still relying on these flawed ideas?

Genesis Gold Group and our clients understand that traditional models must be modified to represent current and expected sentiment. Rates and policies alone have been unreliable indicators, so Genesis Gold Group is taking into account the geopolitical turmoil combined with what we expect to be an extremely tumultuous election year to formulate our 2024 roadmap. This gives our clients the best opportunity to work with us in crafting the best mix of physical precious metals to hold in their portfolios.

Blanket predictions that gold and silver will do very well next year are flawed. Those who follow the proper roadmap developed by a trusted partner that takes all factors into consideration are the ones who will truly benefit in 2024 and beyond.