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Bribery Biden Says Ukraine Is NOT Ready for NATO

The many owners of Joe Biden and his criminal family are usually in lockstep, but sometimes they have competing goals which makes the Biden’s appear to be schizophrenic. Case-in-point: Biden’s unhinged desire to send everything America has to Ukraine while also blocking the one thing they’ve really wanted for years: NATO membership.

On Sunday, Biden came out against Ukrainian membership, saying they aren’t ready. Of course, it could be that they don’t have the votes. Technically, NATO works on consensus, but if there are one or two stragglers it has been relatively easy to cut backroom deals to keep their objections quiet if the larger body agrees on an aspirant’s membership.

Here’s the news generated from corporate media reports:

During an interview with CNN, President Biden expressed his belief that Ukraine is not currently prepared for NATO membership. He emphasized that it would be premature to initiate a vote to include the war-torn country in the alliance at this moment.

Biden stated, “I don’t think it’s ready for membership in NATO.” He further explained that there is no unanimous consensus within NATO regarding Ukraine’s immediate inclusion, given the ongoing conflict.

The President’s comments coincided with his upcoming trip to Europe, where he is scheduled to attend the NATO summit in Lithuania. The membership of Ukraine, as well as Sweden, is expected to be a prominent topic of discussion during the summit.

Biden emphasized the need to exercise caution, stating, “I think it’s premature to call for a vote… there are other qualifications that need to be met, including democratization and related matters.” He highlighted the necessity of outlining a rational path for Ukraine to fulfill the requirements necessary for NATO membership.

In the past, President Biden stated that he would not make it easier for Ukraine to join NATO and emphasized the importance of the country meeting the necessary criteria for membership. However, he also expressed confidence that Ukraine’s membership will eventually come to fruition.

Letting Ukraine into NATO virtually guarantees World War III sooner or later. Considering the ongoing solidification of relations between Russia and China, it’s safe to assume that war would start sooner.

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