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Bribery Biden Congratulated Women’s Soccer Team — Piers Morgan Has a Question

The failure of the United State’s Women’s National Team to defeat Sweden in the World Cup sent shockwaves over the weekend from both sides of the soccer aisle. Fans of the team were apoplectic while the growing number of Americans who are tired of the wokeness of the team were elated. Joe Biden’s handlers took to Twitter to declare they are, of course, on Team Woke.

@USWNT, you’ve made your country proud. Congratulations on an incredible run. This team is something special and I’m looking forward to seeing how you continue to inspire Americans with your grit and determination – on and off the field.

The carefully worded Tweet didn’t frame their failure as a failure. Instead, it highlighted how they’ve been less like athletes and more like social justice warriors in recent years; “both on and off the field,” as Biden’s handlers noted.

British commentator Piers Morgan had a question:

🤣🤣 They just put in their worst ever World Cup performance and most of them refused to sing the National Anthem. Who did they make proud, exactly?

Both points are valid. Many if not most members of the team hate America and expressed their discontent from before their first match. Social justice loser Megan Rapinoe, in her final World Cup match, has been the most vocal with her hatred of the so-called “patriarchy” and her desire for transvestites to compete against women.

It’s noteworthy that Megan Rapinoe’s proudest moment was getting a socialist pay structure put into place. It’s ironic that it was her missed penalty kick that ultimately lost the match for her team. Sadly, it seems many Americans echo Morgan’s sentiment.