Daniel Penny

Breaking the Law as an America First Patriot Versus Breaking the Law as an Illegal Alien

Brief rant…

We had two stories dominate today. First, we have an illegal alien invasion force being ushered in by the Biden-Harris regime. Many of them get court dates in the next decade. Meanwhile we have Daniel Penny arrested immediately for acting in obvious self-defense.

As I noted on Twitter:

The regime is far more interested in tracking and harassing America First patriot citizens than illegal aliens.

Need proof?

If you break the law, you go to jail.

When they break the law, which they do the moment they step foot on American soil illegally, they MIGHT get handed a slip of paper that alerts them of their court date in… wait for it… 2034. Seriously.

If you love America, the regime hates you.

And as I noted, you go to jail if you break the law, but guess what! You might go to jail if you DON’T break the law… unless self-defense is now considered a crime.

I don’t recognize this nation anymore.

This is ridiculous.