Mike Batayeh

‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Mike Batayeh, Who Had No History of Heart Problems, Died Suddenly of Heart Attack at 52

With so much happening in the news lately, it’s been a while since we posted an article detailing a relatively young and otherwise healthy American dying suddenly. And by a while, it’s probably been a week, but since we were posting these pretty much every day for a while, it’s sad that this problem is back on our radar.

According to NY Post:

Mike Batayeh, the actor best known for playing laundromat manager Dennis Markowski on “Breaking Bad,” has died. He was 52. Batayeh died in his sleep of a heart attack at his Michigan home on June 1, his family confirmed to The Post on Friday. Batayeh’s death was very sudden, according to his relatives, and he did not have a history of heart issues.

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