Luana Andrade

Brazilian Reality TV Star Luana Andrade Dies Suddenly at 29 While Having Cosmetic Surgery on Her Knee

Another day, another young and otherwise healthy person dies unexpectedly with neither a medical nor logical explanation given.

Luana Andrade, a 29-year-old Brazilian reality TV star, was having an “aesthetic procedure” done to remove fat from her knee through liposuction. But as her boyfriend, Joao Hadad, shared on Instagram, she suffered from a massive pulmonary embolism and died.

Here she is less than a week ago:

Sao Luiz Hospital, where Luana was being treated by a private doctor, issued a statement which reads: “The surgery was interrupted and the patient underwent tests that revealed massive thrombosis. She was transferred to the ICU where she underwent medication and hemodynamic treatment.”

As always, we cannot say whether the Covid-19 “vaccines” contributed to the early death. But Luana joins the huge list of people who have died from an ailment known to be triggered by the jabs and nobody in media will even ask the question.

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Hattip: Breitbart