Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro a Hard NO on WHO’s Pandemic Treaty

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declared his nation would not be signing the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty, which is being pushed by the globalist elites and their puppets in the White House. This comes ahead of the WHO’s plans to discuss implementation of the treaty at the World Health Assembly from May 22-28.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Jair Bolsonaro announced this week that Brazil will not turn over its sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO, led by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus failed repeatedly and pushed outright lies about the China Coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

As The Gateway Pundit was first to report back in March 2020, Dr. Tedros claimed COVID had a mortality rate for those who caught the virus of 3.4%, causing a global panic. This proved to be a ridiculous overestimation of the facts based on faulty calculations. We called him out in March 2020.

The Pandemic Treaty represents a true existential threat to the United States and the world. It would give unprecedented supremacy over pandemic-related issues to an unelected foreign entity, the WHO. But as I’ve detailed recently, we should not expect the massive power-grab to be limited to pandemic responses. This is an opening play towards the greater goal for the New World Order of usurping national sovereignty and bringing the world under the role of a single government.

Will other nationalist world leaders step up and share Bolsonaro’s stance? We know Joe Biden is all in to hand over sovereignty to the WHO. Will others rightly object?