Brazil Embraces Corruption, Socialism, and Globalism: Lula Allegedly Defeats Bolsonaro

Up front, I’m not buying it. It’s a bit shocking that a nation like Brazil, that has done very well under the conservative leadership of Jair Bolsonaro, would elect a socialist who was convicted for corruption (then magically had that conviction annulled). Something doesn’t add up.

Could it be this?

Forensic Experts Suggest Mathematical “Red Flags” In First Round of Brazilian Presidential Election, Cites Benford’s Law

The source group applied Benford’s Law, a highly recognized statistical formula, to analyze publicly available data provided by the Brazilian Electoral Court (TSE). The formula showed inconsistencies in voting tabulation in several regions across the country.

The links to the TSE’s publicly available data is in the document, and other experts are invited to conduct the same Benford’s Law test on the data. The voting tabulation graphs are also available — showing the region, the candidate, and the digit analyzed. Several charts show Benford’s Law curve in a certain format, while the actual curve of the vote tabulation veers completely off from it. This is what points to manipulation according to the expert source.

Regardless of whether this election was stolen or not, this does not bode well for Brazil, South America, or our relationship with the continent’s largest economy. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a pawn of the globalist elite cabal, which means he will work against the interests of sovereignty and cooperation with the United States.