Brazen Armed Robberies in Broad Daylight in Famed LA Shopping District Is Gruesome Newsom's California

Brazen Armed Robberies in Broad Daylight in Famed LA Shopping District Is Gruesome Newsom’s California

California Governor Gavin Newsom has been an absolute embarrassment to the governmental institutions of the United States. The fact that a man who has demonstrated zero ability to lead, whose only skill seems to be winning elections with his creepy smile and elitist connections, was voted in to botch the world’s fifth largest economy is a testament to the failures of our popularity contest, also known as California’s corrupt election system.

His failures are on display in pretty much any direction California residents turn, whether it’s a crumbling economy, abysmal public education, or the worst homelessness problem in the country. But not everyone is upset with Newsom’s policies. Under his regime, criminals have flourished. Case-in-point: This brazen robbery in the middle of the day in the famed shopping district along Melrose Avenue.

As can be seen in the video, the perpetrators were not in much of a rush. They weren’t looking around to see if police were driving by or if bystanders were coming to help. They strolled over with guns and took what they wanted from shoppers sitting at a table.

This is Gavin Newsom’s California. And as bad as Los Angeles is, San Francisco (where Newsom was Mayor before becoming Lt. Governor) is even worse. Criminals rule the streets day and night in both cities. There must be some blame given to city officials as well, but they’re all Democrats and they’re all following the lead of the weak man in the Governor’s Mansion.

As Ric Grenell noted on Twitter, the solution is obvious:

A plurality of California voters are “No Party Affiliation.” They are the key to ridding the state of its nemesis in Sacramento. Voters must decide if they want crime to fall or if they want to continue to let the criminals rule with Gavin Newsom.