Peter Hotez

Bounty for RFK Jr vs. Peter Hotez Debate Breaks $2.6 Million

What started off as a “small” $100,000 offer to Peter Hotez so he could be compelled to debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about vaccines has blossomed to a full-blown heavyweight purse. The current tally is over $2.6 million and climbing.

One would think that considering Hotez pretends to have science on his side, he’d jump on the opportunity to end “crazy anti-vaxxers” with facts and logic. Throw in a couple of million dollars for charity and it’s a no-brainer, right?


Here’s Hotez justifying why he’s dodging:

Contrary to popular belief, Hotez doesn’t fear RFK Jr. He fears having to face the singular question of adverse reactions to the jabs that have killed far more than Covid itself.