Border Czar Kamala Harris Is FINALLY Addressing Migrant Crisis. In France.

Border Czar Kamala Harris Is FINALLY Addressing Migrant Crisis . . . In France

The installed Vice President was assigned as Border Czar last year to deal with the crisis of illegal aliens flooding into this country. Since her assignment, she has done nothing. The situation has become much worse under her watch and she doesn’t seem to care.

What she DOES care about is galivanting to Europe for a “summit” on the European migrant crisis. If that doesn’t make you angry, you’re on the wrong website. But it’s worse than that. As per her modus operandi, she is not going there to help them figure out how to slow the steady stream of migrants coming into Europe. She’s going there to scold EU leaders and pressure them to accept more.

According to the NY Post:

Vice President Kamala Harris’s third foreign trip will see her grapple with the migrant crisis — in Europe.

The veep travels to France on Monday for four days of high-profile meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other European leaders as they gather in Paris to mark Armistice Day, which commemorates the end of World War I.

While there, she will take part in the Paris Conference on Libya, a diplomatic effort aimed at encouraging peaceful elections that could stem the tide of illegal migrants escaping the civil war-torn country for Europe.

Harris will voice “a deep concern for human rights and the situation of migrants and refugees, and reinforce the imperative of protecting vulnerable people, including those fleeing conflict,” a senior administration official said last week.

Some say the Biden-Harris regime doesn’t care about the border crisis. That isn’t true. They care very much about making sure as many illegal aliens invade this nation as possible. This regime is a disaster for America and Americans.