Border Crisis

Border Crisis Videos and Stats Are So Shocking, Even Elon Musk Chimed In

When billionaire Elon Musk chimes in on politics, it’s almost always about economic issues. Occasionally he’ll tackle cultural topics, but for the most part he sticks with business, technology, and other things that are “in his lane.”

Today, a Twitter thread from Fox News National Correspondent Bill Melugin drew Musk into the border crisis discussion for, as far as I know, one of the first times. The videos were telling:

Eagle Pass isn’t even the worst spot for illegal aliens to cross, but it’s been a consistent destination for years.

Unfortunately, the Biden-Harris regime do not consider it a problem.

When Melugin went into the statistics surrounding the crossing, Musk chimed in.

400k from one border crossing in less than a year?

 Strange that this receives very little attention in the media

Actually, there’s nothing strange about it when we consider both Democrats who are currently in charge and corporate media are working to keep the scope of the crisis hidden from the people.

This is one of the many issues that drove me to sell my company and get into journalism. Realizing that “normies” who get their news from corporate media would never be presented the truth about how important border security is compelled me to make the jump.

If more people knew how bad it was at the border, changes would be made. The truth is motivating and empowering. But the truth is a dangerous thing in modern American society. Those telling it are often cancelled.

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