Illegal Immigrants Secretly Flown Across the Country

Border Bombshell: Contractors Secretly Flying Illegal Aliens Across the Country Admit, “The Government Is Betraying the American People”

There are two types of Americans today. There are those who are angry that the Biden-Harris regime is dropping off illegal immigrants at small airports around the country and there are those who aren’t angry about it because they think it will establish permanent Democrat rule. Either way, we’re all aware that it’s happening even if most choose to ignore the problem.

The regime has acknowledged that a record-shattering two million illegal aliens entered the country in Biden’s first year in the Oval Office. Some have estimated the real number is closer to six million. The reason this is happening is because of the open borders agenda our government has embraced. Too many Democrats love the plan and too few Republicans care enough to do anything about it.

Even some of the contractors responsible for secret, late-night drop-offs at small airports around the country realize that this is a betrayal of the American people. In an exclusive video obtained by Tucker Carlson Tonight, contractors and law enforcement in Westchester, NY, discussed the situation and why it’s all being kept on “the down low.”

“I get the whole secrecy and all that sh*t but this is even above my f**king pay grade, you know what I mean?” one government contractor conceded. “Like sh*t, what the f**k. You know what I mean?”

With a situation like this, it often requires colorful language to make the point. And it isn’t just conservatives who are angered by this. Independents and centrist Democrats did not expect the border crisis to get so bad that the regime would feel it’s necessary to dilute the problem by spreading it all across the country. But as Carlson noted, this is illegal which is why the regime is doing it all under the cover of night at small airports in small cities where the attention can be minimized.

“And why?” the law enforcement officer filming the video asked.

“You know why,” the contractor replied. “Look who’s in office. That’s why, come on.”

When Donald Trump was President, illegal border crossings dropped to new lows. Migrant caravans diminished to a trickle after the 2018 elections as President Trump’s policies removed the incentives for people to make the dangerous trek to our southern border. With Biden installed into the White House, the borders were instantly opened and signs were figuratively hung to tell the world we’re wide open and won’t do anything to stop you if you want to steal our sovereignty.

“No, but what’s the big secret? Everyone knows it’s happening,” the law enforcement officer asked.

“You know why?” the contractor replied. “Because if this gets out, the government is betraying the American people.”

It’s a stunning demonstration of how little the Biden-Harris regime regards Americans. Their own voters are just useful idiots helping to bring forth their own demise. Meanwhile, America First patriots look to a Republican Party under the feckless leadership of people like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and wonder what’s going to change if they’re given more power in November.

If the Republican Establishment cared, they could use this as a case for them to win elections in November. But they don’t want to touch this because if they use it as their campaign push, they’ll be expected to deal with it once they have control of Capitol Hill. The RINOs leading the party doesn’t want to address it. They are just as complicit as Democrat lawmakers who continue to do what’s best for everyone other than American citizens.

This is just another reason why the most important elections are the primaries. If we continue to send milquetoast politicians to Capitol Hill and give the GOP the majorities they claim they’ll have next year, it won’t make a difference. We need bold, America First candidates to support all the way to Capitol Hill if we have any hope of stopping the government-approved invasion at our southern border.