Blockbuster Buried by MSM_ 100-200 Members of Congress Successfully Treated for Covid-19 with Ivermectin with ZERO Hospitalizations

Blockbuster Buried by MSM: 100-200 Members of Congress Successfully Treated for Covid-19 with Ivermectin with ZERO Hospitalizations

We try our best to stay on top of the news that mainstream media tries to bury. It’s often like trying to capture water with cupped hands and some of it spills over, evading our radar. One such bombshell was dropped by the FLCCC Alliance a couple of weeks ago.

Thankfully, Joe Rogan mentioned it and Star Political picked it up…

According to Dr. Pierre Kory and the FLCCC Alliance, between 100-200 members of Congress have been secretly treated for Covid-19 with protocols that include Ivermectin. None of those treated required hospitalization, having successfully used the drug in early stages of Covid-19, just as FLCCC Alliance and others have recommended. This is obviously a major story that mainstream media and Big Tech will desperately try to suppress because it goes against their narrative that Ivermectin is just a horse dewormer.

Imagine if word got out that members of Congress were using the very drug that the CDC and FDA claim is dangerous. Those who stay informed about such things know the drug’s only notable side-effect is that it doesn’t make very much money for Big Pharma and therefore doesn’t help enlarge the wallets of their puppets in government, media, Big Tech, academia, or the healthcare industry.

Ivermectin poses two challenges for the powers-that-be. First, it counters their unhinged push for universal vaccinations. If the jabs don’t work very well, which they do not, and there are proven treatments that save lives without the jabs, then their get-vaxxed con is derailed. Second, the rise of Molnupiravir as an exponentially more profitable treatment would be exposed as a money-grab rather than an attempt to properly treat people.

We need as many Americans to be woken up to the truth about Ivermectin as possible. They have been indoctrinated and gaslighted into believing that this drug, which has been safely administered to billions of people over the years, is somehow suddenly dangerous. The fact that they’re lying about Ivermectin is one of the keys to making people realize Pandemic Panic Theater is all a sham.

If Congress knows Ivermectin is not dangerous and is effective enough against Covid-19 for them, why are they so adamant about keeping it out of the hands of average Americans? If you know the answer to that question, you’ll quickly realize you need to question everything about this “pandemic.”