Mark Kelly Blake Masters

Blake Masters Sweeps the Leg on Mark Kelly After the Democrat Touted His Economic Accomplishments

There are few times when starting a response to a political opponent by calling him “Dude” is acceptable. This is totally one of those times.

Senator Mark Kelly is in a heated battle for reelection against America First patriot Blake Masters. As a Democrat, Kelly has no ground to stand on when it comes to the economy, but his campaign thought it was good to play on the ignorance of voters in hopes they wouldn’t notice. Masters noticed and responded appropriately.

Dude, inflation has gone up 10x in Arizona — *literally a 1,000% increase* (1.3% to 13% inflation) — since you took office. You and Joe Biden caused this — that’s why voters are going to fire you on Tuesday.

That, my friends, is politically sweeping the leg by Blake Masters. Considering how much damage Democrats have done to the economy across the nation and throughout Arizona, the idea of “no mercy” must apply.