Blake Masters

Blake Masters Reminds Arizona Voters About Mark Kelly’s Skewed Priorities

Arizona is suffering through some of the toughest conditions created by the Biden-Harris regime’s open borders policy. Illegal aliens flood into the state daily and the federal government is doing nothing about it. That includes current Senator Mark Kelly who denied adding 20,000 border patrol agents to help stop the invasion.

But as his America First opponent, Blake Masters, pointed out on Twitter, there was something Kelly absolutely supported instead.

Senator Mark Kelly heard about 20,000 potential new Border Patrol agents and said nope, no thanks, not for me. Then he heard about 87,000 new IRS agents and said great, yes please, we need THAT.

What do Arizonans need more of right now? Do they need more border patrol agents keeping them safe, as Blake Masters wants, or do they need more IRS agents harassing them as Mark Kelly wants? The answer is obvious.

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