. . . Bird Flu Is the Latest Front in the War on Beef

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The last couple of years have demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that beef is under attack. Whether it’s from governments, other industries, or global organizations, the push to paint cattle and the beef they provide as somehow dangerous to humans and the planet has made it increasingly challenging to purchase high-quality meat.

It’s expensive and prices continue to rise. Herds are at their smallest sizes in the U.S. since the 1970s. New regulations are popping up every other week. All the while, the drumbeat narrative that beef is causing climate change is incessant.

The latest overreaction for effect has manifested as bird flu. Current efforts to demonize beef are unhinged. There has been one instance of possible infection in humans and that resulted in conjunctivitis… also known as pink eye. There have been ZERO cases of beef found to be infected. Allegedly, 20% of the milk supply in America is tainted. If that’s the case, then it’s good news because, as noted before, only one person has possibly suffered a minor ailment that did not even require hospitalization.

“If this was any other food, the powers-that-be would monitor but otherwise not make a big deal out of it,” said JD Rucker, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “The fact that it’s affecting beef made it a prime target for the news to be amplified by fearmongers.”

Unfortunately, the campaign to remove beef from Americans’ diets is hitting on multiple fronts. This is why Rucker’s company specializes in long-term storage premium beef, including Ribeye and NY Strip, that is shelf stable for 25 years.

“The funny part is we started the company with chicken in 2022 because we were concerned the bird flu might affect supplies,” Rucker said. “We quickly shifted to beef because that appeared to be the most important meat to preserve and bird flu somehow found us anyway.”

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“One of our vendors told me it’s awfully convenient for us that all of these attacks are hitting beef because sales have gone through the roof,” Rucker said. “On the contrary, I’d rather have a stable beef supply chain than the ‘beef turmoil’ we’re about to face as a nation.”