Bing Celebrated Flag Day on their Homepage. Google, Not So Much.

Bing Celebrated Flag Day on their Homepage. Google, Not So Much.

Will there ever come a time when Google finally admits directly that they, as a company, hate the United States of America? That’s a serious question. Their actions indicate that outside of the snobbish appreciation of the billions of dollars they collect in U.S. ad dollars every year, they despise the country in which the majority of their employees reside.

Flag Day may not be one of the “big” holidays, but it’s definitely one of the most patriotic. It represents an understanding of our history and a need to preserve the foundations that have spawned American exceptionalism for a quarter of a millennium.

Google is known for celebrating certain days throughout the year, including nearly every holiday, by adorning their homepage with some sort of symbolic display. But for Flag Day, their homepage was the generic version they display on every other non-holiday. It was an absolute insult to those who love this nation.

Google Flag Day

While I’m no fan of Microsoft and I never use their search engine, Bing, I have to admit the display they put up was stunning. Credit where credit is due, and it’s definitely in order for the way Bing celebrated this holiday in digital style.

Bing Flag Day

Okay, so we can offer a little criticism for the way they put their search bar over the flag, but it’s a beautiful image nonetheless. And compared to Google, it’s downright patriotic.

Google hates America. We can say what we want about Microsoft and the many bad things they do as well, but they’re still saintly compared to Google and they seem to appreciate the nation that made them great.