Billionaire David Sacks Joins in on Exposing the Pure Evil of George Soros

Yesterday, we heard from Elon Musk about how George Soros “hates humanity.” That alone is worthy of song, especially after the digital bludgeoning Musk took from the likes of the ADL and pretty much every Soros-loving leftist on Twitter.

Then, another billionaire chimed in. David Sacks took the time to post a long Tweet exposing Soros as a destroyer of American society…

George Soros has been so uniquely destructive to law & order in American cities that there’s a name for the carnage he’s wrought: “Soros DAs.” His organization described its strategy to Politico in a 2016 article: it would change the law, not by going through legislatures, but rather by buying under-funded DA elections. His DAs would then change the law through the abuse of prosecutorial discretion.

Soros’ strategy worked because few were paying attention to hyper-local DA elections. No one expected out-of-town money to come in and seek to radically change their quality of life. Now that the results are clear, many more people are paying attention. This has caused some in the mainstream media and leftwing political groups to attempt to portray any criticism of Soros as anti-semitism. This is absurd.

Soros sought to have an outsized impact on public policy. He should not be immune from criticism. In any other context, the influence of money in politics would be a legitimate topic of conversation. Indeed, it is highly appropriate in a democracy to recognize when a special interest has subverted the public interest.

What neither Sacks nor Musk noted was the reality of Soros’ reach. It isn’t just the District Attorneys. To be able to continue the con for as long as possible, Soros has also bought into the judiciary, legislatures, and most importantly corporate media. If you’re not allowed to criticize a man’s actions without being labeled an “anti-Semite,” then that man will be free to do essentially whatever he wants.

In many ways, the Soros playbook to destroy America is the most comprehensive and destructive in play. One can argue that the only playbook more destructive would be the one employed by Satan and his minions. Still others might say that they’re running the same playbook.

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