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Bill Sent to Democrat Dictator Jaydolph Insleeze’s Desk Allowing Young Children to Have Genital Mutilation Surgery Without Parental Knowledge or Consent

In a sane world, shelters that house children would only keep children away from parents if they were being abused. But this is no longer a sane world, especially in Democrat hellholes like Washington state. There, the legislature just passed a bill that would force shelters to hide runaway children from parents who don’t want them to “transition.”

In other words, any parent who doesn’t want their child to engage in genital mutilation is treated the same as those committing actual child abuse. And any child that wants to mutilate their bodies simply need to run away and the state will aid and abet them in their permanent decision.

According to Rebel News journalist Katie Daviscourt:

Washington state passes Senate Bill 5599, gender affirming care for minors. This bill grants minors the right to transition genders, stripping parents of their ability to consent. It will now be a crime if a parent doesn’t allow their 6-year-old to change genders.

IT GETS WORSE: If a child seeking a gender transition runs away from home—and the state knows their whereabouts—the state is not legally bound to disclose to the parents where their child is. The state know owns your kids.

The Post Millennial covered the story when it initially passed the Senate last month:

Democrats in the Washington state Senate passed a bill Wednesday night that critics say encourages minors to run away from home to receive “gender-affirming” care and “maternity services” without parental consent and at taxpayer expense.

Senate Bill 5599, sponsored by far-left Democratic state senator Marko Liias would allow shelters or host homes to provide housing for runaway minors without being required to notify their parents if they have a “compelling reason” to keep the information a secret.

According to the legislation, a “compelling reason” means “the youth is in the host home or seeking placement in a host home to receive protected health care services.”

The bill does not require proof of abuse in the household nor even an allegation of abuse. As a result, merely seeking “protected health care services” is enough of a reason to keep the runaway’s location hidden from parents and clears the way for children between the ages of 13 and 18 to stay at these facilities without their parents’ knowledge for an indefinite time while seeking services related to gender dysphoria and gender transitioning.

Many parts of America are becoming havens for pure evil. This is the direction the radical left wants for the entire country. Democrats are making us worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.