Bill Clinton Spews Standard “Grateful to Be Vaccinated and Boosted” Line After Catching Covid

It’s not enough for the powers-that-be to fool the people. They have to try to make us look like fools as well, which is slightly different. There’s no better example of this sadistic need of theirs than how they handle people getting Covid despite multiple jabs. They want us to be HAPPY that the injections didn’t work the way we were told.

The latest gaslighting on this point comes from former President Bill Clinton. He spewed the standard line that every leftist celebrity echoes when announcing their diagnoses.

I’ve tested positive for Covid. I’ve had mild symptoms, but I’m doing fine overall and keeping myself busy at home.   I’m grateful to be vaccinated and boosted, which has kept my case mild, and I urge everyone to do the same, especially as we move into the winter months.

They think we’re stupid. They want us to know we’re stupid. The only question is whether we’re going to prove them right by not calling out the obvious: The jabs work, just not the way we were told they’d work.