Bill Barr

Bill Barr Says the Chinese “Are Very Industrious and Enabled People” After Admitting They Steal Our Technology to Advance

Former Attorney General Bill Barr is doing everything he can to get attention. Why? Because he’s selling a book that trashes Donald Trump, so of course Fox News and other corporate “news” sites have had him on constantly.

In his latest promotional interview, Barr slowed down on attacking President Trump and instead called China our biggest threat. I agree. But it’s his cowardly framing of the conflict between our countries that drew my ire. According to Fox News:

Barr said China is already “seizing on the high ground on a lot of that, through thefts of secrets.”

“They are very industrious and enabled people,” Barr said. “It is going to be a huge challenge for us going forward.”

I count myself as one of the few conservative journalists who never trusted the guy. He exuded Deep State and Swamp Creature vibes from the moment he was nominated. Once the election rolled around and he did everything within his vast power as Attorney General to subvert investigations into the massive, widespread voter fraud that stole the 2020 election, I realized he was worse than just a shill for the Establishment. He was a plant to make sure Donald Trump’s victory was ripped from him.

For him to admit China steals technological secrets, and then to frame them as “industrious and enabled” as a result demonstrates he’s a slimy guy who appreciates those who get away with crimes like theft of intellectual property.