Big Tech Going Full-Blown InfoNazi Ahead of Midterms

There may or may not be a red wave coming in November. As far as the American people are concerned, there should be since the Democrats have done incalculable damage in less than two years with control of the House, Senate, and White House.

But this is America in 2022, which means there will be massive, widespread voter fraud following a successful theft of the 2020 election that resulted in zero consequences for the perpetrators. It means corporate media is going to be full-blown propagandists for the Democrat Party, which is to say they’re going to go about with business as usual. But just in case that’s not enough, Big Tech is announcing plans to do their part to steal the midterms.

First, there’s Facebook. According to Big League Politics:

Facebook has recently unveiled its plans to interfere in the 2022 midterm elections.

The Big Tech giant will not allow for ads connected to electoral, political, and social issues to be edited in the week that the midterm elections take place. This is part of what Facebook calls election “safeguards” that will be used to police and approve content during the week of the midterms.

Facebook’s Global Affairs President Nick Clegg, who previously served as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons, published a press release where he said Facebook is one of the most popular vehicles for disseminating political news. For that reason, it needs to “protect elections online.”

“Meta invests a huge amount to protect elections online — not just during election periods but at all times. We spent approximately $5 billion on safety and security last year alone, and have hundreds of people dedicated to this work permanently embedded across more than 40 teams. With each major election around the world — including national elections this year in France and the Philippines — we incorporate the lessons we learn to help stay ahead of emerging threats,” the press release stated.

Facebook also plans to remove content that encourages people to not to vote, questions the integrity of elections, and other messages that allegedly spread “misinformation about the dates, locations, times, and methods of voting.” In addition, content featuring “misinformation about who can vote, whether a vote will be counted, and qualifications for voting; and calls for violence related to voting, voter registration, or the administration or outcome of an election” will also be removed.

Facebook also bragged about the censorship measures it has taken towards content that features so-called “hate.”

“Our teams fight both foreign interference and domestic influence operations, and have exposed and disrupted dozens of networks that have attempted to interfere with US elections. We’ve banned more than 270 white supremacist organizations and removed 2.5 million pieces of content tied to organized hate globally on Facebook in the first quarter of 2022. Of the content we removed, nearly 97% of it was found by our systems before someone reported it,” the press release stated.

Big Tech is an arm of the managerial state. Full stop.

In case you missed them, two of the keys here is that they will censor talk of voter fraud and “hate” content. That means patriots who are preparing with poll-watchers or other voter-fraud-busting tactics will need to watch what they say. But the second part, “hate” content, is the one Facebook will wield against actual campaign messages. Expect them to censor campaigns that rail against the border invasion (HATE SPEECH!!!), Critical Race Theory (HATE SPEECH!!!), or men pretending to be women to get into their bathrooms and beat them at sports (MEGA HATE SPEECH!!!).

Twitter isn’t going to be any better. According to Christian Post:

The social media platform made the announcement Thursday that it was “activating enforcement of our Civic Integrity Policy for the 2022 U.S. midterms.”

The tech giant said it would institute so-called prebunks, information designed to counter “misleading narratives,” on top of putting its finger on the scale to prevent tweets containing “misinformation” from reaching users through notifications.

“Twitter plays a critical role in empowering democratic conversations, facilitating meaningful political debate, and providing information on civic participation—not only in the U.S., but around the world,” the company concluded. “People deserve to trust the election conversations and content they encounter on Twitter.”

This new policy is ripe for abuse. Twitter has proven time and again it cannot be trusted to serve as a neutral judge of what is or isn’t misinformation.

The most obvious example of this failure to act neutrally is the botched handling of the Hunter Biden laptop case.

Twitter was perfectly comfortable “prebunking” the story before the 2020 presidential election. It aggressively blocked the New York Post story reporting on Hunter’s laptop and prevented anyone from linking to it on the site.

That decision may very well have altered the results of the election.

The big one is all this hasn’t made an announcement. They won’t. They don’t need to. Most Americans are well aware that Google and their properties like YouTube bend the narratives and push their agenda by manipulating search results and available content. They will make sure that searches give results that are favorable to their candidates. For example, a search for “John Fetterman Stroke” is covered with glaring reviews and left-leaning news articles. NONE of the stories note that in his first speech since the stroke he was barely coherent half the time and completely incoherent the other half.

This is why it’s so important that we get as many people as possible to stop spending so much time on fascist Big Tech platforms and focus instead on alternative media and social sites. Corporate media and Big Tech hate the United States of America and will do everything in their power to destroy us. We must stop supporting them with our attention and focus on freedom-loving sites instead.

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