Big Pharma's Language Czar and Chief Propagandist Frank Luntz Is Big Mad Media Called Lockdowns... Lockdowns

Big Pharma’s Language Czar and Chief Propagandist Frank Luntz Is Big Mad Corporate Media Called Lockdowns . . . “Lockdowns”

It has been well documented over the past few months that corrupt pollster Frank Luntz has been paid by government and private entities to help “sell” Covid-19 “vaccines” to the masses. He’s a master of manipulative language, a quality coveted by those who need manipulation, propaganda, and gaslighting to achieve their nefarious goals.

We have highlighted his escapades here. And here. And here. And here. Okay, so that last one was about his BFF status with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Let’s not get distracted.

Luntz scolded the UK’s Independent for not using the prescribed methods for talking about lockdowns:

Headlines like this are a major cause of our public health divisions. Telling people to work from home is understandable and mostly accepted. Calling it a “lockdown” is deliberate provocation. Politicians, journalists and health experts had 2 years to learn the words that work.

But as independent journalist and Covid-Hoax-Exposer-Extraordinaire Jordan Schachtel noted, this is all part of the propaganda game Luntz’ enjoys playing:

Frank Luntz is paid big money by Big Pharma to act as the chief propagandist for COVID authoritarianism. He doesn’t reject the tyranny, but in Goebbels-like fashion, prefers that the language provides a better smokescreen for it.

The agenda being pushed does not have the goal of improving healthcare. At best, it’s just a money-printing scheme for Big Pharma and their many minions in government, media, and the healthcare industry. At worst, it uses medical fear to drive The Great Reset agenda and bring the nation and the world under globalist control. If that sounds too conspiratorial for you, it’s best to get your vaccine loyalty card now so you can beat the line at the booster booth.