“Big Pharma Zombie Simp” Gets Chucked Across Room After Attacking Anti-Vaxxer at “Vaccine” Symposium

Rumble user Predator Poachers was asking a question at a recent vaccine symposium when an older vaxx-nanny apparently took offense.

“So, Pfizer has the biggest criminal fine in history so how is it anti-science to not trust them?” he asked. “If they’re on record bribing physicians and fudging with test results, $2.3 billion fine, so how is it anti-science to simply question them? Can you explain that please?”

The “simp” in an academic’s suit went after the much larger anti-vaxxer, even attempting to choke him. At first, the “Predator Poacher” chuckled at the feeble attempt. Then he casually shoved him across the room.

This is fun to watch.