Biden’s Transition to Forced Austerity

The Liberty Gold Guy once told me, “You have to be smart to get all the questions wrong on a multiple-choice test.”

I was confused, not only by the statement but also by the context. We were talking about the way the Biden regime’s economy had taken such an utter nose-dive and has been plummeting ever since he took office, long before Russia-Ukraine or anything else the White House is blaming it all on.

“If you take a test and just answer B-C-B-C-B-C throughout, you’re going to get some of the answers right,” he told me. “But the Biden regime isn’t getting ANY of the questions right with their so-called ‘answers’ about the economy. To get everything wrong the way they have cannot be incompetence. It has to be intentional.

“They know how to fix it, but they’re doing the exact opposite.”

This is just one of the reasons we picked Ira to be the Liberty Gold Guy, our physical precious metals sponsor. Unlike most precious metals companies out there, Ira is an America First patriot who is concerned about what the Biden regime is doing to the economy. He helps people every week to acquire physical gold and silver in hopes of preserving wealth in these strange economic times.

Many are gravely concerned that Ira is right, that the economy is being tanked on purpose. Show host David Knight believes this Biden’s path to forced austerity and The Great Reset:

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