Biden's Open Borders_ CBP Finds Honduran Infant and Toddler Abandoned by the Rio Grande with a Note

Biden’s Open Borders: CBP Finds Honduran Infant and Toddler Abandoned by the Rio Grande with a Note

The immigration policy set forth by the Biden-Harris regime is an open invitation to the world. Their message is clear: Get here and we’ll take care of you. It’s as close to having full-blown open borders as we’ve ever had and the illegal immigration numbers bear it out. A discovery yesterday demonstrated just how hideous the policies are.

Customs and Border Protection officers found an abandoned 3-month-old infant and 2-year-old toddler sitting by the Rio Grande. They had a note indicating they were Honduran siblings.

This type of child endangerment is becoming far too common along our southern border. Not only are migrants being encouraged by the Biden-Harris regime to take the dangerous trek through Mexico where women are repeatedly raped and children are kidnapped and sold into slavery, but once they get across the border they’re thrown into a system that is nearly as broken as our borders themselves.

There is no telling what will happen to the children. They will be placed into custodial care of some sort, though the Biden-Harris regime has kept such protocols completely secret in light of the astronomical numbers flooding across our borders. Until then, they will likely be “caged” in the same way that radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to cry about. Today, they just don’t have the resolve to denounce the border crisis that is getting worse, perhaps because mainstream media has chosen to ignore it all.

With so many inexplicable failures from the Biden-Harris regime in the early months of their occupation of the White House, it seems that the border crisis is low in the attention hierarchy. We cannot take our eyes off this particular burden for all involved.