Biden Gas

Bidenflation Gas Prices Approach a Grim Milestone

Never in the history of the United States has gas eclipsed $10 per gallon at an actual gas station. That may change very soon as Bidenflation hits Mendicino, California. As reported by ABC7:

According to End Times Headlines:

Each week, the price of gas across the country – but especially in California – gets impossibly higher. Just before Memorial Day, the Chevron on Alameda de las Pulgas in Menlo Park hit $7.25 a gallon.

Then, this week, one Chevron in Los Angeles was selling gas for more than $8 a gallon. And now, we’ve spotted gasoline costing $9.50 a gallon at a gas station in Mendocino, along the northern California coast not too far from Fort Bragg.

Some would note that since this is an independent station and the only gig in town, they are price-gouging. But the sheer fact that they must charge this much just to “make ends meet,” as the station owner claims, is indicative of an economy that is in the process of totally collapsing.

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