Biden-Harris Regime's Ida Failure_ New Orleans Woman Walks 10 Miles for Water and Supplies

Biden-Harris Regime’s Ida Failure: New Orleans Woman Walks 10 Miles for Water and Supplies

Most remember the press lambasting George W. Bush received for the government’s early handling of Hurricane Katrina. It was non-stop coverage of suffering, looting, and desperation for the people of New Orleans. Fast-forward 16 years and a milder hurricane, Ida, tore through New Orleans and cause significant damage.

Power has been out. The National Guard is assisting residence. But there has been very little mention of major issues with the relief efforts, a sharp contrast to the 24/7 media scolding Bush received. The difference is that the Biden-Harris regime is revered by the press who dutifully cover up their many foibles.

Local press was able to talk to a woman who was facing one of the challenges many in New Orleans are attempting to deal with: Lack of access to emergency supplies. With very little clean drinking water available, residents are having to get it from the widely dispersed stations set up by the National Guard. “Ivory” spoke to CBS Correspondent Mireya Villarreal:

Ivory seemed to be in good spirits despite walking ten miles for water. She had an umbrella, blankets, and a pillow just in case she needed to camp out.

Looting has also been an issue widely ignored by the press. A video posted to Twitter shows two men trying to break open ATM machines.

Elsewhere, looting is rampant.

Ida is not Katrina, but the Biden-Harris regime’s response has fallen far short of what the Bush White House did 16 years ago. Based on mainstream media coverage, everything’s hunky-dory. Based on reports from the ground, New Orleans needs leaders to pay more attention.