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Biden-Harris Regime Wants $22.5 Billion to Give to His Cronies in Pfizer and Moderna

How are your finances doing? Do you feel better off today than a couple of years ago? If you’re an executive for a Big Pharma company, chances are you are doing very much better than you were in the past. So why does Joe Biden want to give even MORE of our hard-earned money to Pfizer and Moderna?

More billionaires in the pharmaceutical industry have been made over the past two years than in the rest of history combined. Pfizer and Moderna have turned Pandemic Panic Theater into a money-printing scheme beyond all others, and even as their stocks drop, their prospects remain high thanks to Joe Biden.

According to the Washington Times:

The White House has requested Congress approve $22.5 billion in new funding for COVID-19, fully $5 billion of which would be sent overseas, to help other nations and other governments and other peoples fight off the coronavirus. Ain’t U.S. taxpayer dollars grand?

“Without additional resources,” wrote Shalanda Young, the acting Office of Management and Budget director, in a letter to Congress reported by The Hill, “we won’t be able to secure the treatments, vaccines and tests Americans need in coming months and fight future variants. And critical COVID response efforts — such as free community testing sites and testing, treatment and vaccination coverage for uninsured individuals — will end this spring.”

As I wrote about yesterday, the future variants alluded to during Biden’s State of the Union address concern me because it seems to be preordained. Now, they’re wanting to fund it all in hopes that few will balk at giving massive amounts of money to rich companies for the sake of the “common good.”

We are long beyond the point at which Americans must rise up and tell the government we’re done with their Covid shenanigans. If they want to spend our money on their cronies, they need to be removed from office.