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The Biden-Harris Regime Is Willing to Provoke a World War to Prevent Trump’s Victory

(Natural News)—According to political pundit Roger Stone, the Biden administration is willing to get involved in a world war just to stop former President Donald Trump from making a return to the White House.

“I do think these people will go to a world war if they think it can be helpful in stopping Trump’s return to the White House. And perhaps they think that [President Joe] Biden would be strengthened if he’s seen as a wartime president,” he said during a recent appearance on the “Health Ranger Report” with the Health Ranger Mike Adams.

“I think they’re wrong on that second point, but they’re entirely capable of starting a world war if necessary, and I think it is a very, very real danger.”

According to Stone, nobody in the Biden administration – including Secretary of State Antony Blinken – knows how to negotiate. The administration doesn’t recognize negotiation or diplomacy as the wheelhouse of possibilities, he added. The host of the “Stone Zone” podcast recounted that there were at least three opportunities to end the Russia-Ukraine war, but all of them were vetoed by the U.S. Department of State under Blinken’s leadership.

“So they have no interest in ending this conflict; they have no interest in stopping the horrific killing on both sides. Ironically, Biden blurted out a long time ago at the beginning before the hostilities actually began that he would have been willing to give up certain parts of Ukraine. And then, I guess they reeled him back in.”

In contrast, the two lauded Trump as an outstanding negotiator and deal-maker. The Natural News and founder pointed out that the former president could come in and iron out a peace deal between Kyiv and Moscow. Stone agreed, adding that Trump “would use his negotiation talents to end this conflict almost immediately.”

Adams warns: Ukraine’s situation could WORSEN ahead of the presidential election

The Health Ranger meanwhile warned that some major things he called “black swan” type of events can happen before the November presidential election. Noting the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, he pointed out that things in Ukraine could unravel catastrophically in the next couple of months.

Adams mentioned that Russian President Vladimir Putin had already laid out the final terms of a peace agreement with Ukraine, but the West had immediately rejected his terms. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s term has expired, which means he is no longer the elected representative of Ukraine. This, according to Adams, is one reason why Russia won’t negotiate with him.

Moreover, the Verkhovna Rada – Ukraine’s unicameral parliament – constitutionally has the power to negotiate on behalf of Ukraine. But there are lawmakers whose terms are expiring in the next couple of months.

Adams asked his guest if there was anyone who could even negotiate on behalf of Ukraine and whether Putin was willing to put up with Western forces who had failed to keep their word.

Stone replied that the Russian leader has shown enormous restraint and is hoping to find an administration with whom he could settle the matter and stop the war. Trump appears to be the best candidate, with the political operative adding that his deal-making skills won’t only benefit Washington, Kyiv and Moscow. Even the economies of other nations would be saved as they would be allowed to do energy deals with Russia.

The political operative also clarified that the issue isn’t about Russia wanting to seize control of Ukraine. Instead, Putin objects to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) missiles being pointed at Russia’s border. The Russian leader also made it very clear that NATO accepting Ukraine as a member is his line in the sand.

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