Biden Administration Starts Abandoning Israel as They Walk Back Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory

Biden Administration Starts Abandoning Israel as They Walk Back Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory

The nation of Israel, a tiny country the size of New Jersey, would be completely indefensible if it ever gave up control of the Golan Heights. It took a miracle and some pretty clever military tactics to assume control of the area in the first place and with today’s weapons capabilities in the hands of Israel’s enemies, losing the Golan Heights would be the nation’s death sentence.

President Trump had made it official in recognizing the Golan Heights as a permanent part of the nation of Israel. But rumors have been spreading since February that Joe Biden’s administration would reverse the policy and would not back claims by Israel when push comes to shove at the United Nations.

According to Washington Free Beacon, the administration is quietly preparing to reverse Trump’s policy.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken first raised questions about the Biden administration’s view on the matter in February, when he would not say if his State Department continues to abide by the former administration’s decision. At the time, Blinken would only say the Golan Heights “remains of real importance to Israel’s security,” but that its formal status remains unclear. Pressed on the issue by the Washington Free Beacon, a State Department official said the territory belongs to no one and control could change depending on the region’s ever-shifting dynamics.

The shift in policy is already causing outrage among Republican lawmakers who backed the Trump administration’s decision and hoped to see it continue. It is also likely to rankle Israeli leaders of all political stripes, the plurality of whom say the Golan Heights is absolutely vital to Israel’s security in light of persistent threats from the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon and other militant forces stationed in war-torn Syria.

“The secretary was clear that, as a practical matter, the Golan is very important to Israel’s security,” a State Department official told the Free Beacon. “As long as [Bashar al-Assad] is in power in Syria, as long as Iran is present in Syria, militia groups backed by Iran, the Assad regime itself—all of these pose a significant security threat to Israel, and as a practical matter, the control of the Golan remains of real importance to Israel’s security.”

But as is often the case with this dysfunctional administration, it’s hard to tell which policy on any given day is going to be contradicted by someone else. The left hand doesn’t just fail to communicate with the right hand. They often work against each other, demonstrating a chaotic situation in the White House that has not been seen in recent decades.

According to the Arab-American news outlet Al-Monitor, the administration is saying that nothing has changed but also saying that the issue has not been addressed yet:

The US ambassador to the United Nations said Wednesday that the Biden administration has not changed the Trump administration’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty in the Golan Heights and is still working on the issue.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield spoke before the House Foreign Affairs Committee during a hearing on the administration’s priorities at the UN.

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York asked the diplomat what the US position is on the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria during the 1967 war.

“This is an issue that the administration is still working on,” she said. She added, “In terms of the Golan Heights, that’s something that is not yet on the agenda.”

Zeldin pressed Thomas-Greenfield further, and asked her about former President Donald Trump’s 2019 recognition of the territory as part of Israel. Thomas-Greenfield said that recognition remains US policy.

The radicals pulling the foreign policy strings in this administration are licking their chops in anticipation of weakening not only America’s relationship with Israel, but weakening the nation of Israel itself.