Beware: Beijing Biden’s “Free” Covid Tests Are Made in Communist China

Will millions of Americans be shocked to learn where the federal government’s free Covid tests originate? No. As we’ve grown accustomed to since Joe Biden was inserted into the Oval Office, these “free” tests came from his good buddies in the Chinese Communist Party.

According to independent journalist Beth Bauman, the tests aren’t just made in Communist China. Their quality is as low as we’ve come to expect from cheap Chinese products:

Got my “free” COVID tests. What a joke. Not only are they made in China but the “sealed” tube was open and went everywhere. Theoretically, I could only use one test because of the lack of solution.

Conspiracy theorists have been raging about this on private boards, claiming this is just another example of the Chinese Communist Party’s incessant push to collect DNA samples from every man, woman, and child in the world, particularly in America. They may be onto something. China has made it a priority to build their worldwide DNA database, so having Beijing Biden push their DNA collection devices makes perfect sense.

The only thing that even competes with the inefficacy of the Covid “vaccines” has been the Covid tests. They’ve been drawing false positives since the beginning of the so-called “pandemic,” so it’s no shocker that the “free” tests the regime is sending out are just as faulty as the original ones.