Nicole L. Gee

Betrayer-in-Chief Forces Family to Pay $60,000 to Ship Body of Marine Killed During Regime’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

As billions of American taxpayer dollars are filtered through Ukrainian aid into the pockets of oligarchs, the Biden-Harris regime’s Pentagon forced the family of a heroic U.S. Marine killed during combat to pay $60,000 to ship her body home.

The family of Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole L. Gee wanted her remains to finally rest at Arlington National Cemetery but were shocked to learn of a new policy change in Biden’s Pentagon that put the burden on them. Republican Congressman Cory Mills, a veteran, brought the news to light after hearing the report from families.

Mills’ office noted that the defense department was allowed to decline to pay for the transportation of Gee’s body due to last year’s change to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Honoring Our Fallen, a non-profit that helps families of fallen American service members, covered the cost of having Gee’s body transported.

While this atrocity from the regime is just the latest example showing how they hate actual American heroes while adoring transvestites in Ecuador, it should also act as a reminder to all Americans. We must be as self-sufficient as possible. Rely on government for nothing that’s not absolutely within their realm of control. They should do little more than defend the border and fix potholes. Unfortunately, they’re sadly inept at both.

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Gold Star Family Forced to Raise $60,000 to Get the Body of Their U.S. Marine Hero Home From Afghanistan

Republican lawmaker and Army veteran Cory Mills from Florida has raised a serious concern about the treatment of Gold Star families following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. One of the 13 Gold Star families, the family of Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, faced an unexpected financial burden after her death in Afghanistan in 2021.

During a meeting with the families of the “Fallen 13,” Rep. Mills was deeply angered to discover that the Department of Defense had imposed a substantial financial responsibility on Sgt. Gee’s family. They were compelled to arrange and finance the transportation of her body to its final resting place, a cost that amounted to an astonishing $60,000. Fortunately, a nonprofit organization stepped in to cover the expenses on behalf of the Gee family.

This situation arose due to an amendment to last year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which granted the Defense Department the option to decline payment for the transportation of deceased military members’ remains who died within a theater of combat operations. Consequently, while Sgt. Gee’s remains were flown to her hometown in Roseville, California, for a ceremony, her family had to bear the responsibility and expenses to transport her to Arlington National Cemetery for the final burial.

To assist the Gee family, Honoring Our Fallen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the families of fallen American service members, offered their help by arranging a private jet to transport Sgt. Gee to Virginia. However, Rep. Mills believes that the financial burden should not fall on the families of fallen heroes. He expressed his deep disappointment at the situation, emphasizing that fallen heroes are traditionally flown back home with respect and honor for a solemn service, and then laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery.

Rep. Mills calls the current situation an “egregious injustice” that requires immediate rectification. He firmly believes that the responsibility of honoring fallen service members should lie with the Defense Department, relieving grieving families of any financial strain during their time of mourning.

Despite inquiries, the Pentagon has yet to respond to Fox News’ request for comment on this matter.

Article generated from corporate media reports.