Bernie-AOC Socialist Superfan 'Neekolul' Flaunts $2M Apartment and New BMW

Bernie-AOC Socialist Superfan ‘Neekolul’ Flaunts $2M Apartment and New BMW

Socialism pays! Well, supporting socialism as an internet sensation pays. The very capitalistic principle of making money with one’s talents pays off for some, including Nicole Sanchez, better known as “Neekolul.”

The superfan of Democratic Socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hit the public eye last year with a viral video of her lip-syncing to “OK Boomer” while wearing a Bernie Sanders cutoff shirt. That success translated into an avid fanbase that “simps” for her constantly. The TikTok star has translated that fanbase into a nice little fortune and recently purchased a brand new BMW as well as a $2 million apartment.

According to The Blaze, many among the radical left aren’t impressed:

A hugely popular influencer who often promoted democratic-socialist messaging has been branded as a “hypocrite” after bragging about her new $2 million apartment and fancy new BMW.

Last March, Neekolul posted another “OK Boomer” video, this time promoting another democratic-socialist politician � Rep.�Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez�(D-N.Y.). In this TikTok video, Sanchez is wearing a $58 sweatshirt that reads: “TAX THE RICH.” The pricey shirt is�sold by Ocasio-Cortez’s merchandise shop that completely embraces capitalism.

Last week, Sanchez bragged about her new $2 million apartment. Neekolul gave her hundreds of thousands of social media followers a 10-minute virtual tour of her swanky new abode, complete with smart “Martha Stewart”-style kitchen, “East Wing” gaming room, master bedroom with “180-degree” views of the city skyline, and a walk-in closet.

Last month, Sanchez posed with a brand new convertible BMW.�Fox Business�estimates Nicole Sanchez has a net worth of between $1 to $5 million.

Online commenters quickly branded Sanchez as a “hypocrite,” and told her to “pay more taxes.”

Sanchez responded to the criticism by saying that “tax the rich” only applies to “like billionaires.”

As with so many “socialists” who are successful because of their advocacy for Marxist principles, Sanchez didn’t run to the IRS to hand over most of her money for redistribution. She didn’t build a homeless shelter or take a food truck down to the border for recently trafficked migrants. She didn’t even fix the failing roof for AOC’s “Abuela” even though Matt Walsh tried to do just that.

Invariably, when “socialists” get money, they spend it on themselves.

Marxism is popular with those who have very little and those who have so much they feel like it can’t be taken away. For the rest of us, it’s just an idea that is constantly proven idiotic yet just as constantly embraced by idiots.